ESPN just pulled the most OUTRAGEOUS act in the history of political correctness

Imagine you go to the grocery store to pick up some milk, but when when you get there, the cashier starts lecturing you about his political beliefs. That’s kind of how it feels to watch ESPN these days. You think you’re going there for one thing, but instead get forced to listen to a lecture instead.

As with almost all media, you can guess the direction of ESPN’s political slant. Instead of being a pleasant distraction for Americans, ESPN has succeeded in alienating half of the country. Of course, the results haven’t been pretty for the network, which has seen its ratings tumble in recent years.

Even more surprising, the network doesn’t seem to have learned its lesson. In fact, their latest move to appease liberals may have been their worst yet.

From the Daily News:

An announcer by any other name would announce just as sweet.

In what is sure to be a controversial decision, ESPN has decided to pull college football announcer Robert Lee from covering a Virginia football game this season due to the simple fact his name is Robert Lee, the network announced on Tuesday. Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis was the first to report the questionable decision.

But Lee has no relation to the general that shares his name:

Lee, of course, shares the same name as former Confederate general Robert E. Lee. Despite this Lee, who is Asian-American, sharing no heritage to the former military leader of the Confederacy, ESPN reportedly believes the fact they share the same name is grounds enough to remove him from covering the Virginia-William & Mary football game this season.

To any rational person, this move is complete insanity. However, ESPN is so worried about triggering the tiny following they have left, that they’re willing to throw their own employee – and reason – under the bus.

Sadly, Lee has the apparent misfortune of having the second most popular surname among Asian Americans. For that, he has been relegated to other duties by a network that continues to lose touch with reality. For such a move, ESPN should be ashamed.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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