[WATCH] CNN gets unexpected response from studio panel on Trump’s Charlottesville remarks

Since the tragic events that took place at a rally in Charlottesville, VA, the liberal media has been hyperventilating over Trump’s statement in response. In his initial statement, Trump placed the blame on “both sides” for the violence. Apparently unaware that there’s plenty of blame to go around, liberals reacted by having a complete meltdown.

Despite clarifying that he does denounce white supremacy, Trump hasn’t backed down from pointing out the obvious truth. Ever since, the media has been trying to twist the tragedy into a scandal for the president. For over a week, pundits have been blasting away at Trump every day and night.

Of course, there’s just one problem with the media firestorm over Trump’s comments…he’s right. Left-wing agitators like Antifa have been showing up all over the country, often leaving a trail of bloodshed in their wake. Sadly, they showed up in Charlottesville using the same tactics, leading to three tragic deaths.

Unfortunately for the media, Americans are not as naive as they portray. Which is why when CNN asked a panel to offer an opinion on Trump’s response to the tragedy, they didn’t get the response they were hoping for.

From the Daily Caller:

CNN’s latest panel of Trump supporters said they were entirely unbothered by Trump’s comments about the violent protests in Charlottesville.

Trump’s insistence that “both sides” were responsible for violence in Charlottesville upset a lot of the country, including some Republicans in Congress. However, the comments clearly resonated with his base.

CNN’s Tuesday morning panel brought together six Trump supporters, three men and three women.

“How many of you were troubled by the president’s response to the violence in Charlottesville?” host Alisyn Camerota asked.

Not a single member of the panel raised their hand.

“None of you minded how President Trump responded?” Camerota followed up.

“No,” one panelist said.


After no one on the panel indicated they had an issue with Trump’s response to Charlottesville, CNN host Alisyn Camerota seemed completely mystified by the answer.

Of course, to those of us that live in reality, their response isn’t much of a surprise. Despite the media firestorm over Trump’s statements, polling shows that the majority of Americans actually agree with the president. In fact, Trump’s approval ratings actually started to rise shortly after the tragedy.

Once again, CNN has succeeded in proving just how far out of touch they are with mainstream Americans.

Sadly, the rest of the media isn’t much better.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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