Now Left goes after CHRISTIAN statues; reason why is blowing minds

In the wake of protests in Charlottesville, radical leftists have been doing everything in their power to force cities to take down Confederate statues and monuments, and when that didn’t work, they vandalized the property and took them down themselves.

Then a black pastor in Chicago set his sights on monuments in the city that honored the founding fathers.

Well, now they’re taking things a step farther and targeting Christian statues too.

Catholic Online reports:

It’s unpopular to be a statue these days, as public monuments are being vandalized and destroyed to make social commentary. The vandalism has not been left to controversial monuments in the American South, but has now come to the Catholic Church with the vandalizing of a statue of Junipero Serra.

Vandals have spray-painted a statue of Junipero Serra at a park across the street from Mission San Fernando on Thursday. A photo of the vandalized statue has gone viral.

St. Serra’s face, chest, and hands are spray painted red, and the word “murder” is written in white down his front. A Native American boy standing with him as part of the statue has red painted under his eyes and down his front as though he were crying blood. A swastika was also painted on the boy. It is unclear if the swastika was part of the original vandalism, or done shortly afterwards.

The statement is to suggest that St. Serra was a participant in the genocide of Native Americans by Europeans.

The Left is doesn’t seem to understand that historical figures such as Serra, who converted many Native Americans to Christianity — but also discouraged native traditions, among other criticisms — lived in a different time, with different values. Certainly, the PC Police was not around. It’s understandable to not like or even to detest certain historical figures for their actions or beliefs, but vandalizing someone else’s property is not the way to voice your concerns.

Rather than break the law and deface statues, how about teaching future generations the truth about such figures or their beliefs, using the monuments as teachable moments?

Defacing this property is not only a violation of the law, it’s also is an attempt to silence someone’s free expression of religion and speech — the bedrock of freedom in this country.

What someone else does on their property is their business. If you don’t like the statues, frequent another location. It’s really that simple.

This sort of activity does nothing but stir up more division and strife, and will likely escalate to physical violence if it isn’t quelled soon.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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