Despite oncoming blasts, Trump just DOUBLED DOWN on his plans for America

President Donald Trump’s critics may already be celebrating his demise, but he has other ideas for the future.

Politico reports:

President Donald Trump is methodically building a 2020 reelection campaign machine, shunting aside doubts about his viability for a second term as controversy consumes the early months of his administration.

Trump is mapping out a fall fundraising tour that is expected to fill his campaign bank account with tens of millions of dollars. His team has tracked dozens of potential Democratic rivals, a list of names that ranges from Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. And his administration has received political advice from a top campaign pollster from his 2016 campaign, who has urged the president to keep up his attacks on the mainstream media.

The mainstream media and the Left have opposed Trump from the beginning, protesting loudly against every new immigration policy while exaggerating every development in the ongoing Russia investigation. But they’ve ratcheted up their attacks in the wake of the Charlottesville, Va. incident in which a white supremacist killed a young woman with his car. Even some Republican legislators have complained that Trump didn’t denounce the hate groups that organized the event as strongly as he should have.

It’s no wonder that his approval ratings have fallen to new lows. Then last week, chief strategist and populist hero Steve Bannon left the White House, the latest personnel change in an ongoing shakeup at the White House, leaving the impression with many that Trump is on the ropes. Yet,

Trump’s team — rankled by reports that other Republicans are preparing to run in 2020 if the president falters — is proceeding on the assumption the 71-year-old president will seek reelection. The work commenced in January when Trump filed federal papers declaring himself a 2020 candidate.

Tomorrow, Trump will visit Arizona for one in a series of rallies he hopes will keep his core supporters motivated. And the Republican National Committee, apparently firmly on the Trump Train, has been meeting every month to devise strategies to maintain and build the president’s support in key battleground states. This week, they’ll meet in Nashville, Tenn. to outline plans for the 2018 mid-terms and the 2020 presidential race.

As presidential pollster John McLaughlin told Politico, Trump needs to keep focusing on improving the economy while continuing to point out the rampant bias of the media. “Keep pointing out unfair biased media whenever possible,” he wrote.

For Republicans of every stripe — and for many other Americans — both of those topics are indeed music to the ears. If the nation’s in better shape come 2020, this president may yet again confound his most hateful critics.

[This article was written by Joe Vidueira]


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