Whoa: After a rough few weeks for the GOP, look what happens to their fundraising

US President Donald Trump speaks during a Make America Great Again Rally at Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, West Virginia, August 3, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

Despite their epic fail on repealing and replacing Obamacare, and being tethered to a controversial president whose job approval numbers have fallen to a record low of 34 percent, the Republicans continue to dominate the Democrats in one of the ways it matters most: fundraising.

According to the Hill:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) expanded its massive fundraising lead over the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in July as the Democrats posted their worst July haul in a decade.

The DNC raised just $3.8 million in July, compared to the $10.2 million raised by the RNC in the same month. While the GOP has no debt, the DNC added slightly to its debt in July, which now sits at $3.4 million.

The Democrats haven’t raised that little money in a July since 2007, when the party raised $3.4 million.

This gap in fundraising “gels with recent trends — the GOP has substantially out-fundraised its rivals since the start of 2017.”

For the Democrats, much of the fault for their lack of ability to capitalize on what they perceive to be a failing Republican administration at the feel of DNC Chair Tom Perez, who thus far is best known for his penchant for being as profane as possible behind the podium.

Yet one wonders how much to blame for their disastrous new campaign motto – “Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages,” which sounded to most like the Papa John ad “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Papa John’s” – could be blamed on the potty-mouthed Perez.

Democrats have as of late responded to this fund-raising drought by attempting to solicit supporters on the back of the tragic deaths at the recent Charlottesville protest:

An activist group founded by Bernie Sanders is attempting to raise money off of the deaths in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Our Revolution, the political action committee formed from Sanders’ unsuccessful 2016 campaign, sent out an email to subscribers condemning white nationalists and the terror attack that killed Heather Heyer. The email used her name and the names of Jay Cullen and Berke Bate, the two Virginia State Troopers killed in a helicopter crash while monitoring the events in the city, with an appeal for donations at the bottom.

If this doesn’t succeed, things are going to get even hairier for the Democrats.

Already a 48-52 minority in the Senate, for example, the Democrats face the possibility of seeing that deficit expand in 2018. Or maybe even before 2018, if Trump can somehow convince West Virginia’s Democratic Senator Joe Manchin to take a White House job, after which WV’s newly-Republican governor Jim Justice can give the seat to the GOP.

[Note: This post was written by dk. Find him online at the African American Conservatives (AACONS) website or AACONS on Twitter and Facebook]


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