Uniformed police chief shows up for doctor’s appointment; gets KICKED OUT for wearing his gun

For years, liberals have been leading the charge to wipe out the Second Amendment. After every shooting, politicians call for more restrictions on our right to bear arms. Slowly, liberals have succeeded in creating a hysteria around guns, causing many people to see their presence as a threat.

Of course, this hysteria has manifested itself in some pretty irrational ways. Oftentimes, liberals attempt to combat gun crime by making as many areas as possible gun-free zones. Predictably, the gun-free zones only succeed in keeping law-abiding gun owners out, making them perfect targets for people who want to intentionally inflict harm. Despite this, common sense often doesn’t prevail in the debate.

However, one place where common sense gun laws still seem to thrive is Texas. In fact, Texas recently became the first state to pass a law allowing concealed carry on college campuses. Sadly though, not everyone in Texas is cured of the hysteria. As a local police chief found out the hard way, some people can’t handle the sight of guns, even in the hands of trained police officers.

From the Blaze:

After Conroe Chief of Police Philip Dupuis walked into the Texas Ear Nose and Throat Specialists office in The Woodlands Tuesday afternoon and started to check in, the receptionist didn’t exactly give him a warm welcome.

Dupuis told the Courier of Montgomery County he was wearing his badge on his belt in plain sight as well as his Conroe PD identification on a lanyard around his neck.

But when the receptionist took his driver’s license and insurance card, Dupuis told the paper she noticed something else he was carrying on his belt: His handgun.

With that, the receptionist asked him to take his gun out to his car, he told the Courier.

But Dupuis — a 35-year law enforcement veteran who’s never experienced an accidental discharge — refused to disarm himself and told the receptionist he’s a police officer, the paper said.

Then he was asked to leave, Dupuis told the Courier.

The ordeal caught Dupuis off guard:

Texas law states that licensed police officer can open carry anywhere in the state, the Courier noted.

“I didn’t think twice about it because I can and do carry everywhere,” Dupuis added to the paper. “I carry to protect myself and I carry to protect my family and the public.”

However, after complaining about the situation on social media, the doctor’s office apologized:

Dupuis hopped on Facebook to vent his frustration, the Courier said: “I will be looking for a new ENT, just asked to leave … because I am wearing my gun, badge, and ID. I have never been so embarrassed … in my 35 years of law enforcement. …”

Soon Ryan Johnson, the doctor’s office manager, called Dupuis to apologize. Johnson told the paper that the Texas Ear Nose and Throat Specialists office has the same signage regarding guns as any other doctor’s office — but it’s unclear if that signage prohibits both open and concealed carry.

“Mr. Dupuis identified himself as a police officer,” Johnson told the Courier. “This situation simply should not have happened.”

Sadly, this hysteria over guns is becoming all too commonplace. Surprisingly, even Texas isn’t immune from the irrational reactions to guns.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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