HA: Look what Obama knew about way back in 2014 and did NOTHING

Ever since President Trump took office back in January, the talk of the mainstream media — their obsession you might say — has been to try and connect him with Russia, in order to drum up legit grounds for impeachment.

When news broke that Russia had leaked information about Hillary on the Internet as a means to sway the election, the next logical step for the left was to assume Trump was behind it, in cahoots with Putin, though no evidence of such a connection has ever been discovered.

Hilariously, a new report points to the fact that President Obama was actually warned about Russian interference way back in 2014.

Politico is reporting, The Obama administration received multiple warnings from national security officials between 2014 and 2016 that the Kremlin was ramping up its intelligence operations and building disinformation networks it could use to disrupt the U.S. political system, according to more than half a dozen current and former officials.

As early as 2014, the administration received a report that quoted a well-connected Russian source as saying that the Kremlin was building a disinformation arm that could be used to interfere in Western democracies. The report, according to an official familiar with it, included a quote from the Russian source telling U.S. officials in Moscow, “You have no idea how extensive these networks are in Europe … and in the U.S., Russia has penetrated media organizations, lobbying firms, political parties, governments and militaries in all of these places.”

That report was circulated among the National Security Council, intelligence agencies and the State Department via secure email and cable in the spring of 2014 as part of a larger assessment of Russian intentions in Ukraine, the official said.

There was no explicit warning of a threat to U.S. elections, but the official said some diplomats and national security officials in Moscow felt the administration was too quick to dismiss the possibility that the Kremlin incursions could reach the United States.

Former White House officials, requesting anonymity to discuss intelligence reporting, confirmed that the administration began receiving increased traffic in 2014 about Russian disinformation and covert influence in campaigns, but said they did not recall receiving that specific warning about Russian inroads in the United States.

Ned Price, a former spokesperson for the National Security Council, believes the Obama administration was very proactive in their response to “all forms of Russian aggression,” but it seems the evidence present in recent events says otherwise.

If the Obama administration truly had taken such swift and forceful measures to put Russia back in its place, how were the Russians able to hack emails and leak them on social media platforms? Why are they being blamed now?


[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]


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