Al-Qaeda chief bomb maker releases terrifying “blueprints” for new attacks

Radical Islamic terror group al-Qaeda — haven’t heard from them in awhile, right? — has released a blueprint plotting new bomb attacks on U.S. transportation systems.

The blueprints contain information to carry out attacks on planes, trains, and boats, which, according to the group, are “prime targets.”

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting, The al Qaeda’s terror group’s chief bomb maker has published a blueprint for new attacks on U.S. transportation systems, including planes, trains, and boats, which the terror group views as “prime targets,” according to a copy of a lengthy manifesto that provides a guide for would-be terrorists to launch attacks.

Here’s a few more details on the possibility of train attacks from Fox News:

The new edition of Al Qaeda’s online propaganda magazine, known as Inspire, calls on its followers to target trains in the US and Europe, identifying three methods of attack: the train’s compartments, derailments or assaults on stations.

However, a Department of Homeland Security bulletin reviewed by Fox News indicates there is no credible or imminent threat.

“…the TSA Office of Intelligence and Analysis (TSA-OIA) is not aware of any current or credible plots to attack transportation within the United States; however, TSA-OIA remains concerned with terrorist organizations’ efforts to conduct attacks against transportation,” the August 11 intelligence report states.

The magazine, written in English, provides step-by-step instructions, similar to previous issues that coached terrorists on homemade bombs.

Hours after the online magazine containing the latest call for attacks on American soil, the New York Police Department’s Counterterrorism Bureau sent out the following tweet:

“We’ve known about the content & threats presented in the current issue of AQAP’s Inspire 17 prior to its release….our robust multi-layered counterterrorism apparatus is designed to protect our air, land, waterways and railways,” the tweets read.

Michael O’Hanlon, Senior Fellow with Brookings Institution, says that the greatest vulnerability to attacks from Muslim bombers are subway lines, not major rail lines.

Regardless of what’s said, you never want to take a threat to the national security of our country lightly, which is why it’s comforting to see how the NYPD has handled this particular situation.

Let’s hope that the current administration takes action to destroy and dismantle these radical groups so thoroughly that people are discouraged from ever forming them again.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]


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