DESPICABLE: White nationalists promise more rallies and issue horrific threat

As if things couldn’t get any more strained racially speaking, it seems last weekends’ bloody activities in Virginia have inspired white nationalists across the country to keep on fighting.

More demonstrations are being planned to promote the white nationalist agenda, and it rightfully has many folks across the country a little concerned about further acts of violence.

According to the NY Post, Emboldened and proclaiming victory after a bloody weekend in Virginia, white nationalists are planning more demonstrations to promote their agenda following the violence that left a woman dead and dozens injured.

The University of Florida said white provocateur Richard Spencer, whose appearances sometimes stoke unrest, is seeking permission to speak there next month. And white nationalist Preston Wiginton said he is planning a “White Lives Matter” rally at Texas A&M University in September.

Also, a neo-Confederate group has asked the state of Virginia for permission to rally at a monument to Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee in Richmond on Sept. 16, and other events are likely.

“We’re going to be more active than ever before,” Matthew Heimbach, a white nationalist leader, said Monday.

A neo-Nazi website that helped promote the gathering said there will be more events soon, and issued a horrific threat.

“We are going to start doing this nonstop. Across the country,” said the site, which internet domain host GoDaddy said it was shutting down after it mocked the woman killed in Charlottesville.

James Alex Fields Jr., a man who is described as idolizing Hitler, rammed his car into a crowd of counter protestors last Saturday, killing Heather Heyer.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated that Fields’s actions meet the definition of domestic terrorism. He’s being held without bail on murder charges.

If the statements from these individuals and groups are any indication, things are about to get super tense on the streets of America.

Now is the time to say a prayer for our communities, folks.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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