Muslim author critical of extremism can’t get his book published for TERRIFYING reason

One of the greatest threats to the security and safety of folks across the planet is posed by the belief system of radical Islam.

And while boots on the ground and bombs from the air is one way to dismantle the organizations that are responsible for spreading this hateful ideology and carrying attacks around the world, nothing is ever going to change until the belief system itself is taken on and exposed for what it is.

Unfortunately, it seems terrorists have succeeded in making the whole world scared to death of them, as is evidenced by one publisher’s response to a book they put out that’s critical of Islam.

According to The Daily Mail:

A publisher has refused to take on a Muslim Imam’s book that criticizes Islam out of fear their offices will be attacked by religious extremists.

Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, from Adelaide, took to Facebook on Sunday to reveal his first book was rejected by a publisher because it could provoke violence among Islamic radicals.

‘They responded with an apology and informed me that they fear the company will be attacked by Islamic extremists if they publish my book,’ he said.

They were willing to publish it if I agreed to erase certain passages and re-word a number of paragraphs.

‘I respect their feelings and concerns, but I refuse to accept their requests.’

Even without having a publisher to put the book out, Imam Tawhidi is still planning to release his work this Christmas.

Tawhidi is an outspoken critic of extremism and has openly condemned it on many occasions, something that more folks in the Muslim community need to start doing as well.

The imam has been threatened with violence by others in the Islamic faith on many occasions — once he even had to be escorted into hiding by the police.

Military action against terror groups is absolutely a necessity to ensure that these groups are no longer able to carry out acts of violence. However, we must also work toward preventing these groups from ever recruiting new members and that requires taking their worldview head-on and combating the radically violent ideas it presents.

Let’s hope publishers stop allowing terrorists to win. It’s time to start pushing back against radical Islam in the marketplace of ideas.

[NOTE: This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and on Facebook]

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