Black professor drops TRUTH BOMB about white nationalism liberals don’t want to hear

During the 2016 election, liberals and the mainstream media warned that Trump’s campaign was a sign of the rise of white nationalism. According to them, a Trump victory would embolden America’s racists, putting the safety of minority populations in jeopardy. In fact, even a Trump loss would result in a violent backlash from racist Trump supporters.

Of course, things didn’t pan out the way the media said it would. Not only did Trump win, but it was liberals who reacted with violent backlash. The day after the election, violent protests broke out across the country. On inauguration day, rioters set fires and destroyed storefronts in the streets of Washington. Clearly, it wasn’t Trump supporters causing the problem.

Sadly, the outbreak of violence in Virginia over the weekend gave the media the story they craved. To them, Trump created the environment that led to the violence. However, a Vanderbilt University professor revealed the truth behind the white nationalist movement — it actually started 15 years ago.

From Bizpac Review:

Liberals are blaming President Trump for the rise of white nationalism, but a black professor says the movement started mushrooming 15 years before Trump became president.

Attorney and political scientist Dr. Carol Swain of Vanderbilt University predicted the rise of white nationalism in her 2002 book, “The New White Nationalism in America.”

“The rise of the new white nationalism occurred long before the election of President Donald Trump,” Swain told Fox News anchor Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Swain went on to claim that this movement isn’t motivated by white supremacy:

“I distinguish it from white supremacy because the people who were involved [in the white nationalism movement] were more intellectual,” said Swain, a graduate of Yale Law School. “They were not espousing racial violence or using epithets, but they had grievances. They felt that white people’s rights were being trampled on and no one was speaking up or listening to their grievances.”

Swain said the white nationalism movement took off — long before Trump took office — because whites were being marginalized and disenfranchised after decades of affirmative action and other government programs designed to benefit minorities.

According to Swain, the solution is to stop the obsession with identity politics:

Adding to the disgruntlement is the constant browbeating by academia and the media — which are 97 percent liberal — calling ALL white people racist and claiming they have no right to complain about anything because they have “white privilege.” Look around you: There are plenty of poor, underprivileged whites.

Swain said we all collectively need to tone down the racial identity politics and racist rhetoric and work together to improve race relations. “We need honest conversations, dialogue where people are listening to one another,” she said.

While the media tries to pin the blame on Trump, Swain saw events like these coming over a decade ago. Such violence from any side is inexcusable, but could easily be prevented. To end the violence, the divisive political rhetoric needs to stop.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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