If North Korea has truly produced a nuclear warhead, this is what must happen next

The Washington Post just reported that the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has intelligence that North Korea has produced a small nuclear warhead for a missile.

There is no need to rush to comment until this intelligence report from the DIA is confirmed. What must happen is that the rhetoric is reduced, and the only response necessary is one of action.

There are those who fear any engagement with North Korea, but, let’s look at it from a historical perspective:

If hindsight really is 20-20, do you think the allied powers that dismissed the evident indicators and warning signs of a militarized Germany under Adolf Hitler would do so again? All they needed to know was clear in 1936-1937, but their recalcitrance in beginning a war was well known to Hitler. Just imagine if a preemptive action had been taken against Hitler, how many lives would have been potentially saved, spared.

We are at the exact same decision point with Kim Jung Un.

Previous U.S. presidential administrations have sought to appease and compromise, even acquiesce, as it was with Obama’s “strategic patience” policy. This has brought us to this point. Enemies and threats must be engaged early in their development cycle, or else there is an even worse price to pay.

This is President Trump’s first real test, the world is watching, especially our enemies and adversaries. They were well aware of what they could do with Barack Obama. They will see if they can do the same now. And, this is not as easy as dropping a MOAB in Afghanistan, or firing off 59 cruise missiles at an airfield in Syria — which actually had no effect.

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