“The Emoji Movie” star reveals TRUE message of cartoon, and conservatives are LIVID

It used to be that Hollywood infused its television and movie offerings with somewhat obscure messages and references to its producers’ true political motives and beliefs. That went out the window decades ago with one notable exception – children’s programming. 

Like keeping Christmas advertising free from alcohol tie-ins, keeping young children sheltered from the worries, bickering and divisiveness of adult political discourse was once an agreed-upon, unspoken rule. Not anymore. Just as Christmas is now used to sell booze, Hollywood is focused on brainwashing children from the moment they’re old enough to soil a diaper.

Perhaps it started with 2014’s How to Train Your Dragon 2.  In the sequel to the popular children’s movie How to Train Your Dragon
one of the film’s main characters comes out of the closet as being gay.  The move brought howls from movie-going families of “let our children be children,” but Hollywood has pressed on, undeterred.

Which brings us to The Emoji Movie. The critically-panned, feature-length animated flick, which opened across the country last weekend, garnered a seven on the “Tomato Meter,” but it’s making headlines for other reasons. Popzette has released an interview with the movie’s star, T.J. Miller, in which he openly admits the movie’s purpose is to attack President Trump and encourage children to “adopt progressive values.”

“As if we needed more proof that celebrities have lost their minds when it comes to the president, now an animated movie about emojis has become a political statement.  We present to you: “The Emoji Movie.”

One of the stars of “The Emoji Movie,” which hits theaters today, has come forward to insist the purported kids’ movie will be a treatise against the Trump administration.

The lead character of The Emoji Movie is voiced by actor-comedian T.J. Miller. About The Emoji Movie, Miller said, “This was an opportunity to do something optimistic, positivistic and, you know, we have very few weapons in the current administration, and one of them is to target a younger demographic and try and help them understand and adopt progressive values.”

“Positivistic?” Yeah … okay.  Miller formerly starred on the HBO series Silicon Valley, but left the show in part so he could be more free to continue his “resistance” crusade against Donald Trump:

“The decision to leave the show, Miller said, freed him up to “resist” President Trump in more ways. “My position [to oppose the Trump administration] became more powerful when I left Silicon Valley,” he said. “I had more control over the content, the time, the schedule, the everything.”

He even slammed his former co-stars on the show for not doing enough to oppose Trump’s presidency. “Right before the election … I asked, ‘How much money did you donate, you Hollywood elites? How much did you donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign?'” he said. “And everybody in the cast said nothing. They hadn’t given a dollar.”

Before all this talk, Miller was arrested last December after getting into an altercation with an Uber driver. The two reportedly argued about the president, which led to a physical altercation.

The comedian’s obsession with Trump is now being used to promote a children’s movie — one he openly hopes to weaponize against the administration.”

Ah the kind, tolerant, inclusive Left. “If you don’t agree with me, I’m going to have to assault you and beat you up.”  And now, they’re targeting your children. But give them credit, at least now it’s no longer hidden in the shadows. They’re coming right out and admitting it — “Vee vant your children!” 

Just as the makers of Smirnoff vodka want you to offer a toast to Saint Nick, yesterday’s days of innocence are likely gone forever.

[Note: This post was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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