Hillary’s biggest supporter calls for sexism as the solution?

It was just days ago that we learned of Hillary’s forthcoming book in which she blames sexism (among other things, excepting herself) for her November 2016 election loss to Donald Trump. Isn’t it interesting, then, that one of Hillary’s biggest (no pun intended) and most vocal supporters, Rosie O’Donnell, is now calling for a political party for women only?

Yes, we have now officially crossed that line.

Demonstrating yet again that racism, sexism, berating the wealthy, etc., is strictly a one-way street called “Hypocrisy Lane,” O’Donnell has used her Twitter feed to provide even more evidence of just how completely unglued the Hollywood celebrity left has become. Despite constant calls for inclusivity, unity, blah, blah, blah — the left in America remain focused on divisiveness, identity politics, dissecting our nation into as many hyphenated identity groups as possible, and then pandering to all of them that are ‘non-white male.’

In response to a tweet by someone calling themselves “Kausik” who tweeted a citation from The Hill that the Democratic Party may do the unthinkable and become more inclusive by supporting candidates for office who actually want to save, rather than destroy, babies in the womb:

O’Donnell jumped on her high Twitter horse and stormed full bore into flat out gender-based identity politics by stating it may be time to form a new political party — one where men are not welcomed.

The genesis of O’Donnell’s rage was the announcement by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair, Ben Ray Luján, stating the party would support pro-life candidates if they choose to run under the party’s colors in 2018 and beyond.

The Democratic Party, as everyone knows, is increasingly seeing its voter base concentrated on the coasts. This attempt at a new level of tolerance and inclusivity is an important step in broadening the party’s appeal to voters, particularly values voters in middle America.

But, hard line liberals – who are becoming more the Democrat mainstream — don’t want inclusiveness. To the O’Donnells of the party, such sacrilege is completely unacceptable. In fact, it’s unfathomable. In their minds, being that inclusive is such a massive offense, it constitutes bolting the party and staring an entirely new one.  In this case, one just for women.

Of course, there are many fatal flaws in O’Donnell’s idea (not that she’s ever been accused of being the brightest bulb on the tree). The idea she — and others like her — have is that all, or even most, women are in favor of unfettered abortion rights. Or as they call it, “women’s healthcare.”

There are plenty of women who understand that you can’t be for “women’s rights” yet be in favor of killing millions of women. But the ‘death-to-’em-all’ zealots who’d join Rosie’s party cannot grasp such simple truth. 

So go on, Rosie. Do your thing. Because if you’re successful you will have done more for the pro-baby movement than anything Donald Trump could even dream of. If you’re an individual who favors protecting life, one hopes and prays Rosie is actually successful in this effort.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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