As the world warily eyes North Korea, US senator makes shocking pronouncement

The threat posed by North Korea has grown to such a degree that war with the rogue nation now seems “inevitable.”

As Fox News reports:

North Korea’s latest ICBM test was the longest such test in the history of Pyongyang, flying five minutes longer than its previous launch. The missile flew 2,300 miles into space, about 600 miles higher than the July 4 ICBM. Experts believe it could reach a substantial portion of the U.S. mainland.

The possibility that Kim Jong Un may have a nuclear missile capable of hitting New York, Los Angeles, maybe Washington DC — or frankly, anywhere — is horrific.

Nor is it a scenario that has escaped the notice of the president.

According to Senator Lindsay Graham, as reported by CNN:

“There is a military option to destroy North Korea’s (missile) program and North Korea itself,” Graham said on NBC’s “Today” show. “If there’s going to be a war to stop them, it will be over there. If thousands die, they’re going to die over there, they’re not going to die here and (President Donald Trump) told me that to my face.”

He continued: “I’m saying [military options are] inevitable if North Korea continues.”

The prospect of war with North Korea is one with chilling consequences, which, according to The Economist:

“[F]or North Korea, the destruction of its regime and the death of hundreds of thousands of people. For South Korea, the destruction of Seoul, a city of 10m within easy range of 1,000 of the North’s conventional artillery pieces. For America, the possibility of a nuclear attack on one of its garrisons in East Asia, or even on an American city. And don’t forget the danger of an armed confrontation between America and China, the North’s neighbour and grudging ally. It seems distasteful to mention the economic effects of another Korean war, but they would of course be awful, too.”

Unfortunately, methods to avoid such a confrontation — ranging from strict sanctions to paying bribes — have all been tried and failed.

Even President Trump’s last ditch efforts to enlist China’s help with their ally North Korea has failed, as evident by the president’s tweets:

Meanwhile, the world is watching.

France, for example, was recently forced to expand its no-fly zone over North Korea when a North Korean missile missed a French jet by only 10 minutes.

Prayerfully, the global community can come up with a solution that averts war and brings an end to the conflict.

[Note: This post was written by dk. Find him online at the African American Conservatives (AACONS) website or AACONS on Twitter and Facebook]

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