If Oregon college has its way, Loretta Lynch may have a NEW problem

Not that any more evidence of just how leftwing-looney the American public school system has become needs to be presented, but with the insanity running so amuck sometimes you just have to read ’em and weep.

With college professors now able to call for the murder of Republicans and call white people “inhuman a**holes“, others openly professing their hatred of basically everybody, students claiming wood is racist and segregation returning to campuses at record speed, a new “now I’ve seen everything” moment seems to come about daily.

Well, you haven’t.

College Fix reported on a successful student-led effort at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, Pennsylvania to remove the college’s past president’s name from a campus building because the man’s name was “Lynch.” Clyde A. Lynch, to be exact. Even though a proper noun, these easily-offended, constantly-crusading against something snowflakes just couldn’t stand seeing the name on a building “due to the associated racial connotations.”

Well the lynching of the proper noun Lynch has spread west. College Fix has now filed the following report on an Oregon school district that will be dropping the word “lynch” from school names because it has just so many racial implications:

“Remember two and a half years ago when students at a small Pennsylvania college demanded the name “Lynch” be removed from a campus building … because of its racial connotations?

Those students’ efforts proved successful; however, their inanity has spread some 3,000 miles west as an Oregon school district is following their example.

The Centennial School District in southeast Portland will be excising “Lynch” from three schools before the beginning of this school year: Lynch Meadows, Lynch Wood, and Lynch View elementary schools.

According to The Oregonian, the schools were named for the family which originally had donated land for the schools over a century ago, but Superintendent Paul Coakley says “many newer families coming into the district associate the name with America’s violent racial history.”

Where, when and how will this insanity stop? Or won’t it? Will Loretta Lynch be encouraged to change her name? Lynchburg, Virginia is a city of about eighty thousand people, what are we going to do about that place?!  So is Plantation, Florida. How can anyone live there without being offended?  Is it racist to purchase Uncle Ben’s rice? If your kids love putting Aunt Jemima syrup on their waffles is looking at that name, bottle and label influencing them on some subconscience level, affecting how they view black people and enabling them to harbor hateful racist thoughts?

To no small number of people in this country the answer to these questions is undoubtedly “yes.” And increasingly it’s a worldview that’s becoming a requirement to be considered for employment in the education field.

Think you’ve seen it all? Wait until tomorrow.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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