“Roseanne” returns to ABC with a new character that’s blowing MINDS

The “Roseanne” show is gearing up to make a surprising comeback to network television an amazing twenty years after its initial run.

And sure to be the center of the debate over whether the classic family show will be suitable for your family’s viewing is the introduction of a new character to the cast.

According to ShowBiz411.com
The new 9-year-old Mark will be “gender creative.” According to [their] spies, the casting call asks for a kid who can play “sensitive and effeminate” and “displays qualities of both young female and male traits.”

The introduction of Mark will likely maintain the show’s reputation for edginess and embrace of controversial issues. (Remember the Thanksgiving show in which the grandmother began boasting about her past abortions?)

And transgenderism – even transgenderism among children – is certainly a “hot” new controversial issue.

TLC’s “I Am Jazz”, a reality show that stars a teenaged transgender female, is in it’s third season. Laverne Cox has become a celebrity thanks to her role on Netflix’s hit show, “Orange Is The New Black.” And Caitlyn Jenner…well, she’s like one of the Kardashians, right?

There’s even a bit of celebrity being relegated to Andraya Yearwood, a transgender girl crushing her “just girls” opponents at sprint meets in Connecticut.

But such controversy comes at a cost.

As Katherine Kersten writing for the Weekly Standard points out, The effects over time of hormone use on children’s development are unknown. In addition, young people who take these hormones will need lifelong monitoring for dangerous side effects, including cancer, liver damage, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. For example, a consent form used by Fenway Health, an LGBT medical facility in Boston, warns that “the long term effects” of testosterone use by females have “not been scientifically studied and are impossible to predict.”

She adds: The costs of our extraordinary experiment in juvenile “sex reassignment” will become increasingly evident. Some young people are already attempting to “de-transition” from life-altering medical treatments they now regret. In the end, however, it may take a raft of lawsuits over damaging side effects like lifelong infertility to prompt rethinking of the children’s gender identity crusade now underway.

It’s a bit scary to think of what the long term consequences of “normalizing” transgenderism may be as if it were a physical correction rather than a mental disorder.

However, it’s even scarier to think what the consequences will be when the target of this normalization is confused and troubled adolescents, some of whom will be seduced into making decisions they will regret for their lifetimes.

Nonetheless, the liberal Hollywood elites continue to push their progressive agenda into our living rooms. Luckily, we do always have the option to change the channel.

[Note: This post was written by dk of African American Conservatives. Follow African American Conservatives on Twitter and Facebook]

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