Watch: Tucker SPEECHLESS when Dem rep admits TRUTH about party platform

That today’s Democrat Party is floundering in its messaging and vote-getting from America’s middle class is a matter of provable fact. The one-time self-proclaimed party of the people has become the party of the rich and of the poor. But for the last ten years, those in the middle –which is most of us– have been running the other way in droves.

Its struggles to appeal to voters outside of wealthy urban elites and ethnic minorities has cost it the U.S. House, U.S. Senate, White House, all but sixteen governorships and a record number of state houses to boot. Want to know why? Read on.

Earlier this week on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Representative Eric Swalwell once again revealed why Dems are struggling so mightily to appeal to, well, just about anyone.  In an amazing exchange which featured Carlson giving the California Democrat multiple opportunities to say “we should put Americans first,” something Donald Trump repeatedly said both on the campaign trail and as president, the California Democrat flatly refused.

The two were speaking immediately following Trump’s remarks at a rally in Ohio wherein he once again proclaimed “America is totally unstoppable” and other crowd-pleasing, America-first themes. Then the cameras switched to the in-studio pair.

Carlson began by asking Swalwell about his party’s failures and the American people’s weariness of Democrat’s constant Trump/Russia pursuit rather than trying to implement an actual agenda.  In response Swalwell. fell right back into full Putin/Russia mode and slapped those cards, again, onto the table:

Carlson: “You’ve been deeply involved in this Trump, Russia stuff…  But when you strip away that stuff, some of which is significant, some is not, you get to the reason Trump was elected which was an economic message which was aimed at the middle class. Essentially what he articulated tonight. Is there anything about that that you disagree with, as a Democrat?”

Swalwell: “He identified economic anxieties that were out there. The problem is, I think, is his involvement with Russia.  The cost of that right now is he’s not able to deliver on it.  So those people in the crowd who were counting on these good jobs and trade deals to be reformed and healthcare to be given to them – they’re not getting any of that right now.  …The deep involvement that they had with Russia is now coming home to roost.”

They just can’t let it go. Despite the fact that after looking beneath every rock and into every crack there’s still no evidence and the American people are begging the Democrats to come up with something, anything, that resembles a true agenda — they’re sticking with Russia, Putin, impeach.

But that was just the warm-up act.

Sensing the truth, Carlson attempts to show the California legislator that Trump’s desire to put Americans first is not only a winning campaign message, it’s the right thing to do. This is America and people who are citizens of this nation ought to be a priority over those who are not.  Swalwell was having none of it.  In an amazing demonstration of just why Democrats have lost the country and will continue to, this elected representative of American citizens staunchly refuses to say that his constituents and you and I should be a priority.

It’s the most incredible five-minute exchange in recent history but at 4:10 Carlson pointblank asks, “So we shouldn’t? We shouldn’t give priority to U.S. citizens over non-citizens?” And in response the first word out of this California Democrat Representative to the United States House of Representatives is, “No.”

See for yourself:

Imagine JFK or Tip O’Neal saying such a thing? Yet there are still Democrats out there who wonder why they keep losing.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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