North Korea continues to act like that one kid in class who constantly pokes, prods, and annoys the other students despite repeated warnings to stop.

The infamously rebellious nation has yet again fired a missile that may have landed in Japanese waters, launching said projectile from the Jangang province.

According to the Mirror, The missile may have landed in the sea off North Korea’s east coast – possibly in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, South Korea and Japan said.

However, the Washington Post paints a more ominous picture, saying, North Korea has taken another step toward achieving its stated goal of being able to send a nuclear weapon to the U.S. mainland, apparently firing another ballistic missile late Friday.

It was not immediately clear whether the missile was capable of reaching the continental United States. But the fact that it flew for 45 minutes and reached a height of some 1,900 miles suggested it had an even longer range than the intercontinental ballistic missile that North Korea launched on July 4, analysts said.
This would be the 14th missile test from North Korea, as they continue to not heed warnings about their conduct from other nations around them.

In the previous months, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has made many threats against the United States and has created propaganda videos showing his country bombing the U.S.

Since this is becoming such a major problem, it’s well past time to put North Korea back in its place, which is an effort that should be led by our government, but in tandem with those who are closest to the Communist haven, otherwise they’re going to continue this nonsense and escalate their behavior to dangerous levels.

Now that stronger leadership is in charge, hopefully a message will be sent soon that will get North Korea’s attention and remind them we’re back on the scene.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell. Follow him on Twitter @MCantrell0928 and Facebook: @MichaelCantrellSite

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