Feminism defined in the West household

Greetings y’all from beautiful, green and wet Wheeling, West Virginia where the West family is gathering this weekend for a very special event. Our oldest daughter Aubrey is here attending Physician Assistant school, her dream, and this evening she will take part in her White Coat ceremony. I flew in from Dallas to Pittsburgh airport Thursday and rented a car to drive down to Wheeling, just about 40 minutes away. As I drove down I had several thoughts running through my mind — yes, immense pride — but something I wanted to share.

If there’s one thing we should all notice about the progressive socialist left is that they somehow define certain aspects of our society. As I was driving, I thought about our daughter Aubrey, a strong-willed, focused, determined, intelligent, young Christian woman. To me, Aubrey and all of the West women are the definition of feminism — but is that what the liberal progressives have defined as feminism?

Consider the recent derogatory reference by a Daily Beast writer towards White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a “butch queen.” Here is an accomplished woman, the daughter of a former governor and presidential candidate, who stands before the White House press corps and delivers the message of the president of the United States. Now, ain’t that the definition, an example of feminism? No, not for the left, feminism is defined as believing in their ideology and wearing weird pink hats.

Aubrey at the age of 24 has her Bachelors and Masters of Science degrees and is living on her own here in Wheeling for PA school. Austen is entering her junior year of college, majoring in Health Administration, and is a contracted Army ROTC cadet pursuing her commission as a second lieutenant.

You see, the bar, the standard is set high in our household since Mom – Angela — had a dual Bachelors in Finance and Marketing, an MBA, and a PhD. Angela was the first black female business professor at her alma mater of Kansas State University, where she has been nominated to be a Trustee of the Kansas State University Foundation.

But ask yourself, will Dr. Angela Graham-West ever be on the cover of Essence magazine, or when was the last time you saw Dr. Condoleeza Rice featured there? Or when have we seen Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman on the cover of Vanity Fair or Vogue? The problem is, based on the progressive socialist ideological definition of feminism, these women don’t measure up. As a matter of fact, often, conservative women are denigrated, demeaned, disparaged and castigated as not being “real” women because, well, they don’t believe in killing unborn babies.

The left’s definition of feminism has little or nothing if anything to do with accomplishments. It has everything to do with their defined orthodoxy, first and foremost. That’s why someone such as a Linda Sarsour can be elevated as some feminist champion and a leader of the women’s march, all because of her ideology, while her Islamo-fascist beliefs are in complete contrast to the true meaning of feminism.

As a matter of fact, it rejects every aspect of feminism and strong, independent women. But since Sarsour will espouse the left’s orthodoxy, she is embraced, loved and accepted. All the while a true champion for women, a real feminist, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is attacked and denied the opportunity to speak on college campuses, and shunned. A phenomenal example of feminism, Brigitte Gabriel, is assailed, personally by Sarsour, because her orthodoxy is rooted in individual liberty and freedom, and against Sharia law. For that, Ms. Gabriel, a personal friend of the West family, is pilloried and referred to as an “Islamophobe”, when every real feminist should rally to her clarion call against the misogyny of militant political Islam and sharia law.

The left, as they always do, hijacks words, references and definitions to suit their purposes. They have nothing in common with real classical liberalism. There’s nothing about them that’s “progressive,” but they claimed that moniker in order to deceive. The women of the left have elevated a known racist named Margaret Sanger and made her murderous organization, Planned Parenthood, some delusional and sick champion of women’s rights. Sanger’s intent for her organization was to rid society of “undesirables.”

In the West household, feminism isn’t defined by taking a class on women’s studies — and what is that anyway?

Recently I shared with Aubrey and Austen the story of the current highest ranking female graduate of West Point, the 44th Surgeon General of the Army, Lieutenant General Nadja Y. West…hmm, cousin perhaps? Three-star Army general, Airborne and Air Assault-qualified along with earning the Expert Field Medical Badge…that is the embodiment of feminism, finding challenges and overtaking them, not seeking a different standard.

LTG West is now a role model for Austen, who in the spring of 2019 would become the third officer the fifth generation of service member in our family — the first female.

As a husband and dad, I could not be any more proud of the West women, true feminists. I remember in Afghanistan an Afghan Army Brigadier General asked me how many sons I had? I replied I had two daughters, while he boasted of only having sons. I told him my daughters would kick the crap out of his sons any day because they were young American girls. They were the granddaughters of two Army combat veterans, the daughters of an Army combat veteran.

Feminism in our household is defined by strength of character, will and mind. It’s about loving God and country…not about wearing funny pink hats. I’m a damn lucky fella to be surrounded by three real American feminists, women who follow the example of Abigail Adams and Harriet Tubman — not this fake, phony, fraud, made-up progressive socialist definition.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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