Hillary’s new book finally gets a title, and it’s a doozy

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s extraordinary forthcoming book — extraordinary in the sense that the loser of a presidential campaign would write a book “explaining” why he or she lost — is going to be titled What Happened.

But given the theme of the book, perhaps it should have been titled What Happened?

According to the Free Beacon

The work is being billed as Clinton’s no-holds-barred, tell-all about how and why she fell short of becoming the first woman president, and Clinton has called it the “most personal” book she’s written.

“It will also give readers an idea of what it’s really like to run for president, especially if you’re a woman,” she said.

It’s not clear why Hillary thinks anyone is particularly curious as to “what it’s really like to run for president, especially if you’re a woman,” however. Perhaps Elizabeth Warren would be interested in such a book, but what could others glean from it?

Presumably, most are satisfied with the explanation that Clinton lost because she did not win enough votes — especially in states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania which supported a charismatic billionaire largely because he focused on one three-letter word: j-o-b-s.

However, Hillary’s new book will be aimed at an audience willing to pay upwards of 20 bucks to read her dissection of the forces aligned against her.

As the Free Beacon adds:

Clinton has blamed a variety of factors for her surprising defeat at Trump’s hands, including Russian meddling in the election, FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress concerning her private email investigation, sexism, criticism of her paid Wall Street speeches, and poor data from the Democratic National Committee.

Perhaps Hillary’s tome will inspire a new genre of nonfiction books written by losers.

For example, some might be interested in reading how John McCain, a war hero with decades of government experience, lost to a political neophyte with specious associations with terrorists and far-left ideology, especially since Clinton saw no need to explain what happened that caused her presidential campaign to lose to that same novice candidate — Barack Obama — in 2008.

Or perhaps other famous losers could take pen to paper to explain “what happened.”

Perhaps Matt Ryan could tell his readers why the Atlanta Falcons lost the Superbowl, despite leading by 25 points. Or perhaps someone would like to read a book detailing what it’s like watching someone else get the rose on “The Bachelor.”

Still, given that even her own party is panning her persistent excuses, it’s hard to see how Clinton’s loss to a charismatic celebrity billionaire will be compelling to many outside of Hillary and her family.

The internet is already having a field day with the title. For a fun peek at alternate titles, check out this compilation by the folks over at Twitchy.

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