JUST IN: Protesters storm the Senate, as key vote begins

Liberals are up to their old tricks again as they are holding protests ahead of a vote in the Senate over a GOP health care bill.

Folks apparently stormed into the Senate chanting, “Kill the bill! Don’t kill us!” Clearly these individuals still buy into the nonsense that repealing and replacing Obamacare will somehow instantly murder people across the country.

If that were the case, why weren’t people dying in droves out in the streets before it was passed?

According to The Independent:

Protests have erupted in the US Senate ahead of a planned procedural vote to consider a Republican health care bill that has been forged in secret and whose effects are largely unknown.

Capitol police quickly moved to close the halls around the public galleries, and were removing the protesters.

“Kill the bill! Don’t kill us!” the protesters chanted in the Senate chambers, where the body of government known for deliberative and reasoned legislating resides.

The Senate later voted in favour of the motion to proceed to debate on the health care bill, with two Republicans defecting from the GOP to say no. Vice President Mike Pence cast the decisive vote to make the vote 51-50.

There’s little doubt that our health care system, including insurance, is severely broken and desperately in need of repair.

However, the solution proposed by Obamacare is like injecting an ill patient with poison, directly into their veins. The government has only caused more misery since getting involved, causing premiums to skyrocket.

It seems like the opposite of what a bill called “The Affordable Care Act” should do, right?

The answer is the free market, so let’s hope if the bill passes, that it opens up the doors for competition to drive down prices.

[Note: This article was written by Steve Parker]

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