Just three days into her job, Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets DRILLED with one BRUTAL question

Greetings everyone. It’s time for another episode of liberal progressive hypocrisy, a continuing saga.

You just have to ask yourself, does the progressive socialist left not grasp the idea that America sees them as immense liars and hypocrites? I mean seriously folks, how hypocritical can you be to have a violent anarchist leftist group called “antifa” who says it’s against fascism?

However, it’s the leftist college campuses that continually refuses to allow conservative speakers, or seek to shut them down…yep, I know about this personally. The latest instance of leftist hypocrisy just has me laughing profusely at these chuckleheads.

As reported by the Free Beacon, “New White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that it is her “duty” to tell the truth to the American people as she takes over for Sean Spicer, who resigned on Friday.

On ABC’s “This Week,” George Stephanopoulos asked Sanders on Sunday the same question Spicer got asked on his first day by ABC colleague Jonathan Karl. “Do you promise to always try to tell the truth from that podium?” Stephanopoulos asked. “Absolutely, and not just to you but I think that’s our duty, certainly,” Sanders said on “This Week.” Sanders said that she wants to be able to go home and “look her kids in the eye” knowing she has held the “highest level of honesty and integrity.”

Do any of you recall lil’ Georgie asking the same question of Barack Obama? After all, it was Obama, who in 2013, received the Politifact “Lie of the Year” award for his false assertion about keeping your doctor and your insurance as part of Obamacare. As a matter of fact, did anyone on the left ask Obama about his lie of Americans being able to save $2500 on insurance premiums? Or, how about that big time lie Obama said about the Islamic terrorist attack in Benghazi, you know, just four Americans were killed and several others severely wounded? I wonder if George read the book “13 Hours” or went to see the movie of the same name. There’s so much talk about Russian interference in our November 2016 election. Did George ever ask Barack Obama about dispatching his campaign operatives to work against the reelection of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu? Of course not, and Obama would have probably lied anyway.

Stephanopoulos is very close with the Clintons. After all, he used to be their spokesperson. Do any of you recall lil’ Georgie inquiring of Mrs. Clinton about 33,000 emails being destroyed and why she lied about having approval to have an unauthorized email server in her private residence…that held classified documents? And why was it that George never asked Mrs. Clinton about telling the truth when she said the Benghazi attack was all about a crude video? In fact she used taxpayer dollars for public service announcements in Muslim nations apologizing for the video.

I don’t believe Stephanopoulos has ever brought up the issue of Hillary Clinton’s uranium deal with the Russians and the Clinton Foundation’s profit from such. Then again, why would he, since he was a donor to the foundation — objective journalism, huh?

How many times have Jonathan Karl and George inquired of Susan Rice and her proclivity to find it quite difficult to speak the truth? If anyone knows, please tell me. Yes, I could go on, and so could you.

How often did Obama, Clinton, Rice, or any of the progressive socialist figureheads of the Democrat Party look their kids in the eye knowing they held the “highest level of honesty and integrity?”

But the real question is, how can these non-objective faux journalists, such as Stephanopoulos, look at themselves or into the eyes of their children and believe they have any semblance of honor, integrity, and character? You want to know the measure of Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Just look at her composure and sincere response to such an insidious and disingenuous question. George should be glad that someone like me wasn’t asked that question. I would have been more than happy to point out his hypocrisy.

I just have to ask our dear progressive socialist friends, is this what y’all call acceptable behavior? Are you not cognizant enough to realize the lack of integrity emanating from your side of the aisle? You want to know why folks refer to the liberal progressive media as “fake news?” I just gave you a few pieces of evidence.

Perhaps many of you had no clue about a uranium deal by Hillary Clinton, I don’t expect the leftist media to discuss it. You think nothing happened in Benghazi? Tell the family members of those who died…or look into the eyes of Tyrone Woods’ little son who will never know his dad, beyond the stories others tell of him. Thank God people like the leftist media, Obama, Clinton, and Rice won’t be the ones. This whole approach by the left is drawing the ire of those who know truth. Americans are rejecting the left because of their incessant hypocrisy. The only ones who aren’t fittingly carry the title of Vladimir Lenin, “useful idiots.”

And such it is, with ABC host George Stephanopoulos most deserving of that title.

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