DISGRACE: Texas sheriff should be REMOVED from office after what she’s just done

It’s the only state in our nation that can fly its flag at the same height as the U.S. flag, because it was not annexed, and was its own Republic. It’s the place I now call home: Texas. Now understand, I will always be a Southern boy born and raised in Georgia, and educated at the University of Tennessee. But as those Volunteers did back in 1836, I found my way here, and the fight for liberty continues. One would not think so in Texas but there is a theme spreading about: “Keep Texas Red.” Yes, this model of rugged individualism and free spirit is in a fight for its life against an intrusive, locust-like adversary — an ideology. When one visits the state capital of Texas, Austin, well, let’s just say it ain’t what Stephen F. Austin would believe…”Keep Austin Weird” is its motto.

And so it is here in “Tejas,” that an influx of those who think differently of a place where individual freedom and economic growth and prosperity have been a calling card are now “messin’ with Texas.”

I articulated in an assessment after the Georgia special election won by Karen Handel what the progressive socialist left’s grand strategy has become…infiltrate and turn states red by overtaking the large cities. And that’s happening here in Texas, as we’ve shared with you stories from Dallas – such as this one today. Now Austin, and the surrounding Travis County provide us another example.

As reported by the Statesman, “Federal immigration officials say they have arrested a documented “Sureños 13” gang member, who had been previously deported four times, a few weeks after he was released from the Travis County Jail.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents filed a detainer request with the Travis County Jail for 33-year-old Julio Cesar Mendoza-Caballero on June 16, the agency said in a news release on Tuesday. The same day, authorities at the jail released Mendoza-Caballero from custody without alerting ICE, federal officials said. ICE agents took Mendoza-Caballero back into custody on Friday in Austin for illegally reentering the United States.

Mendoza-Caballero was convicted of stealing a firearm in Hopkins County in 2008, and of illegally entering the United States in Arizona, ICE said, adding that he had been removed four times before, with the latest removal in 2013.

According to Travis County Jail records, Mendoza-Caballero was booked into the facility in June on a misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury and a city ordinance violation. Authorities at the jail also confirmed that an ICE detainer was filed on him when he was arrested.

Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez became a political lightning rod earlier this year when she announced that she would not cooperate with all federal immigration detainers filed at the jail. Hernandez’s policy on detainers said she would only comply with the requests under certain circumstances, limiting to honor those related to a handful of serious charges. The policy created significant tensions between the sheriff’s office and ICE.

In January, federal officials told two magistrate judges they would target Austin in a major immigration operation that was in part retribution for Hernandez’s policy on detainers. The operation resulted in the arrest of 51 people.”

Now, to the left, Sheriff — and I use that term loosely — Hernandez has become an iconic figure, similar to Wendy Davis. But to anyone understanding law, especially as she is a law enforcement officer, she is a disgrace.

She’s indicative of the absurd sickness that plagues those subscribing to the open borders ideology of the liberal progressive left. She swore to uphold the law and protect the citizens who elected her, and all, all in Travis County. So, someone please explain to me how her decision not to honor ICE detainers is in keeping with her oath of office?

And if she’s not in keeping with her oath of office, then why is she IN office? Sheriff Hernandez doesn’t get to pick and choose which laws she will enforce. Here was a criminal illegal immigrant, a gang member, who had a previous felony charge, had been deported countless times…and her office released him.

Now of course, the Travis County Sheriff’s Office is trying to blame ICE for this, but ICE did not release Mendoza-Caballero back into society! And just imagine, as we recall the Kate Steinle murder and many others, how many times is this being played out in America to the detriment of our citizens?

Mendoza-Cabellero could have easily committed another crime upon his release. Mendoza-Cabellero, or his gang compatriots, could have fought back against the ICE agents who had to go to a residence and apprehend him. This defiant and illegal law-breaking attitude of Hernandez placed how many lives in danger…and for what?

But understand, this is happening in Texas!

The Texas State legislature is in special session right now, and guess what? Yes, the Democrats here in Texas are doing everything they can to overturn SB 4 ,the “Sanctuary Cities Bill,” to prevent its implementation on September 1st. Ya just gotta ask yourself, what is it that the left hates so much about our national sovereignty? I mean, have you EVER checked out what Mexico does to illegal immigrants? Heck, have you ever checked out how hard it is to reside in Mexico if you’re not a citizen?

Well, first of all, you must prove you have employment, as you will NOT be receiving state funded benefits. They do not allow ownership of property. And the amount of documentation one must provide is immense. Nah, here in America, the left believes you just get across the border and squat — even if you’re a gang member with a felony record…even if you’re committed violent acts against American citizens. Yes, the progressive socialist left protects and honors criminal illegal immigrants over law abiding Americans. Now, ain’t that just a daisy?

And remember, this is Travis County, Texas, the county that’s home of the Texas state capital, Austin.

Breitbart reported back in March of this year, “The Travis County Sheriff’s Office, located in Texas capital county, released 142 criminal aliens for whom immigration officials had issued detainers in a single week. . The report covers the period of January 28 to February 3, 2017. Officials reported that 206 criminally charged illegal aliens were released from the custody of jails after an immigration detainer had been issued.

Of those, 142 came from Travis County Sheriff “Sanctuary Sally” Hernandez’ jail, Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s office reported in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas.

“Today’s report from DHS is deeply disturbing and highlights the urgent need for a statewide sanctuary city ban in Texas,” Governor Abbott said in the written statement. “The Travis County Sheriff’s decision to deny ICE detainer requests and release back into our communities criminals charged with heinous crimes – including sexual offenses against children, domestic violence and kidnapping – is dangerous and should be criminal in itself. Texas will act to put an end to sanctuary policies that put the lives of our citizens at risk.”

Ok liberal progressives, explain this to me, to all of us, this is acceptable to you? It’s acceptable to put the lives of honest law-abiding Americans in danger…for what? And you want to disarm us on top of that?

Why should y’all ever be in power in America? But the real question is simple, why hasn’t Sheriff Hernandez been arrested herself? Why have the voters in Travis County, Texas not recalled her and had her removed from office?

See, this all seems fine and cool to the left until some American gets hurt, killed, or a child raped. And then what lefties, you’re going to make the criminal illegal immigrant a victim? Just think out in San Francisco, even after the horrific shooting of Kate Steinle, they still declared themselves a sanctuary city.

And ask yourself, how many, and who were the Congressional representatives who voted against Kate’s Law on Capitol Hill? Everyone who did should be removed from office as they pride themselves for defending criminal illegal immigrants, an invasion force, over the lives of Americans.

This my friends has to end, and it MUST end here in Texas, a Republic unto itself that needs to lead the way.

Sheriff Sally Hernandez, you are indeed FUBAR!

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