HA: Eleven most popular U.S. governors all have ONE thing in common

A new poll from the “Morning Consult” was just released and it has some serious good news for Republican governors jumping for joy.

Apparently, the top eleven most popular governors in the country are members of the GOP.

According to NTK Network, Even better for Republicans: four of those 11 governors are leading states that Hillary Clinton won in 2016 (in bold below).

#1: Charlie Baker (R-MA): 71% approval, 17% disapproval

#2: Larry Hogan (R-MD): 68% approval, 16% disapproval
#3: Matt Mead (R-WY): 67% approval, 15% disapproval
#4: Doug Burgum (R-ND): 66% approval, 15% disapproval
#5: Dennis Daugaard (R-SD): 65% approval, 25% disapproval
#6: Kay Ivey (R-AL): 64% approval, 13% disapproval
#7: Brian Sandoval (R-NV): 62% approval, 21% disapproval
#8: Phil Scott (R-VT): 62% approval, 23% disapproval
#9: Gary Herbert (R-UT): 61% approval, 28% disapproval
#10 (tie): Bill Haslam (R-TN): 60% approval, 23% disapproval
#10 (tie): Asa Hutchinson (R-AR): 60% approval, 23% disapproval
Three of those four Clinton states – Massachusetts, Maryland, and Vermont – are deep-blue states that have picked Democrats for president for years.

Although no Democratic governors make the top-11 list, two Democratic governors did make it into the bottom-10 list, of least popular governors.

Sadly, the least popular governor is New Jersey’s Chris Christie with 69 percent disapproving his job performance. Ouch.

Christie aside, this is just more proof of the fact that there is a major shift happening in our culture with regards to political ideology, slowly but surely.

Whether Democrats want to believe it or not, the real reason Hillary lost to Donald Trump has a lot to do with the fact that Democrat policies have largely fallen out of favor with the average American, thus, if they truly want to ever win another election, they need to revisit their platform and see where it is disconnected from what citizens actually need.

[This article was written by Steve Parker]

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