USPS is going bankrupt, but managed to cover 90,000 for one major political activity

We’ve all heard for years how the United States Postal Service is in dire straits financially and may have to drop Saturday mail delivery and other cost-cutting measures.

Yet, despite being on the verge of bankruptcy, the USPS covered paid time off for employees to campaign for Hillary Clinton last year.

According to Fox Nation:

The United States Postal Service has been on the brink of complete bankruptcy for nearly two decades, but that didn’t stop it from paying out $90,000 to cover for paid employees who took time off to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

According to an Inspector General’s report, 100 USPS workers took extended leaves of absence to hit the campaign trail on behalf of the postal union—the National Association of Letter Carriers. The union, which had by then endorsed Hillary Clinton, used these same postal workers to supplement their grassroots political operations in swing states.

Technically, postal workers are allowed to take unpaid holidays in order to help the union, but government employees aren’t supposed to actively campaign for a candidate. The Inspector General is currently investigating whether the postal workers who took time off violated that precept.

Part of the investigation revealed, however, that campaigning for Clinton cost the cash-strapped agency dearly. Workers who covered for the absent, politicking employees were paid overtime to fill shifts. To make up for the 2,776 days lost, the post office shelled out more than $90,000.

Does the corruption of the left know no bounds?

These people essentially got paid tax payer dollars, to go and work Hillary’s campaign. How is that not a misuse of funds?

This is yet another prime example of government waste to add to the already obscenely long list.

[Note: This article was written by Steve Parker]

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