FINALLY: Senate may be making BIG move…

The Senate is holding a hearing this week to discuss cutting off aid to the Palestinian Authority should they continue to pay stipends to terrorists and to families of terrorists killed in action.

The bill up for debate is the Taylor Force Act and was introduced by Sen. Lindsey Graham.

According to the Jerusalem Post:

Senate Democrats have been lobbying for edits to the legislation that would provide the State Department with wiggle room to negotiate with the PA over the nature of its program and the timing of aid cuts, should the PA continue with the scheme.

Several leaders in the Democratic Party have inched closer to supporting the legislation in recent weeks. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York has spoken out against the Palestinian program, and Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland, ranking member of the Foreign Relations Committee, said that his Senate colleagues would “find a way” to pass the bill in one form or another.

The Trump administration has repeatedly raised the issue of terrorism funding with PA officials, with one senior official telling The Jerusalem Post that the program represents a “major impediment” to Israeli-Palestinian peace. But the White House has not endorsed the Taylor Force legislation specifically – nor have the US’s largest Israel advocacy organizations, such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

As of now, there’s no vote scheduled on the legislation.

If a country’s governing authorities are willingly and knowingly supporting terrorism financially, there’s absolutely no way they should be receiving any sort of money from the U.S. at all. Period.

Therefore, this measure sends the message that the days of doing nothing when it comes to terrorism truly ended with Trump taking office.

Yet another reason to drop aid: how can we be supportive of Israel, while sending money to Palestine?

Maybe the Senate will FINALLY find the brass to do something right.

[Note: This article was written by Steve Parker]

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