Bernie Sanders draws Dem challenger sick of his ‘Robin Hood shtick’

Poor Bernie Sanders. Lately it seems the guy can’t buy a break.

First Hillary Clinton and the DNC brass conspired against him to rob him of the Democrat nomination. Then he jumps into the spotlight for having purchased his third home, a nice little $600,000 lakefront vacation getaway, thus tarnishing his constant “eat the rich” sales pitch. Then to top it all off his wife — and, therefore, ostensibly he himself — becomes the focus of an FBI investigation after running a college into the ground financially, allegedly laundering money, and trying to kick disabled residents out of a group home in the process.

All this is enough to have caused at least one of Bernie’s Socialist constituents to say, “Enough!” and throw his hat into the ring in an effort to unseat the 75-year old who has been in an elected office essentially his entire adult life.

Fox News is reporting that Jon Svitavsky has declared himself a candidate in 2018 for Sanders’ Vermont U.S. Senate seat. Svitavsky has had enough of Sanders’ all-tough-talk-but-little-delivery and pulls no punches in describing it:

“Bernie Sanders’ enduring popularity across Vermont for decades has scared off political challengers, but the Independent senator is facing competition in his 2018 re-election bid from a Democrat who thinks his “Robin Hood shtick” must end.

“It’s shamefully arrogant when you’re more interested in being a celebrity than honoring your progressive agenda,” challenger Jon Svitavsky told Fox News. “This wonderful, political ‘I am Robin Hood shtick’ can only last for so long.”

That may sound good if you’re one of the handful of conservatives living in Vermont and feel that for years Sanders has been your worst nightmare. But don’t spike the ball in the end zone yet, because waking up to a “Senator Svitavsky” will send you into an entirely new world of hurt:

“The longshot bid comes from a first-time candidate even more anti-establishment than the democratic socialist incumbent and, in his words, “far more liberal.” 

An advocate for the homeless who claims to have some name recognition in the state, Svitavsky not only questions the sitting senator’s commitment to Vermont voters but argues he used and undermined the Democratic Party for his 2016 presidential bid. 

Svitavsky contends Sanders joined Democrats to seek their nomination, then damaged front-runner Hillary Clinton enough to give then-candidate Donald Trump the edge in the general election — only to once again become an Independent.

He also suggests an FBI investigation into a commercial real estate loan orchestrated by the senator’s wife, Jane Sanders, has left Sanders vulnerable. “

Svitavsky claims that he is far more liberal than Sanders! Is that even possible?! If, heaven forbid, this long shot were to somehow do the impossible and pull off the upset we may as well cut Vermont off, tow it across the pond and attach it to France. Because, politically speaking, that’s where it’ll be anyway.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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