MSNBC host puts DNC Chair in a VERY awkward position; their exchange is PRICELESS

Donald Trump’s triumphant victory in last year’s election was more than just a referendum on the disastrous past eight years of the Obama administration: it completely put the Democratic Party in a state of shell-shock and confusion, and more importantly forced unfamiliar faces to step up to the plate in defense of an undefined agenda.

You would think, for once, the Democrats would get it right when they replaced Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the Florida Congresswoman who was instrumental in undermining Bernie Sanders’ campaign, with Tom Perez, a civil rights lawyer with a distinguished record of government service, as the head of the Democratic National Committee.

But of course, this move has been more detrimental than “progressive.”

Something about “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has the left going bonkers. Perez, in recent months, has been under fire for saying the Republicans’ budget isn’t a skinny budget, but a s**tty budget and claiming Republicans don’t give a s**t about people, among other derogatory remarks unbecoming of a prominent political leader.

In the latest saga of Tom Perez’s forgetful tenure as DNC Chair, Perez was put on the spot by MSNBC host Ali Velshi in a discussion over the future of the Democratic Party.

From the Free Beacon:

“Are you the voice of the Democratic Party today? Are you the clearest voice that people can see?” MSNBC host Ali Velshi asked.

“I think the voices of the Democratic Party today, Ali, are the millions of people who marched on the streets across this country on January 21 saying, ‘Donald Trump, you didn’t win the majority of American voters, and you don’t stand for our values,'” Perez said. “And the millions of folks who continued, I’ve never seen the activism in my life that I see now.”

Velshi was not satisfied with the answer.

“I hear you. I’m still trying to get to the answer about what the face of that looks like. I love the idea that you think it’s everybody. I’m not sure that’s the world’s most efficient way of looking at winning an election,” Velshi said.

Perez continued to put the Democrats’ credibility in jeopardy when Velshi asked about divisions in the party over single-payer healthcare:

“Democrats are on the same page in the following respect. We believe that health care is a right for all and not a privilege for a few.”

Perez had to toss in that the Republicans proposal was “not a health care bill.”

Undoubtedly, the Republican party was itching for this interview to continue without a commercial break. The exchange between Velshi and Perez is an unequivocal statement that the Democratic Party is lost and without leadership.

[Note: This article was written by Zachary Smith]

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