New York mayor skips major police ceremony to do the UNTHINKABLE

I’ve been paying attention to President Trump’s recent visit to Europe and wanted to share some insights.

But first, why is New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio going to address the “resistance” in Hamburg, Germany? Is he the next Obamaesque leader seeking to be the “president of the world?” I mean seriously folks, here Mayor de Blasio is traveling — wonder who’s paying the ticket — to address folks who are attacking law enforcement officers to the tune of 160 Polizei injured.

This comes at a time when de Blasio is turning his back on a graduation ceremony for a new group of NYPD officers, and worse, the city mourns the NYPD officer, mother of three, who was assassinated from a career violent criminal who’s made social media threats against law enforcement officers.

Who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea? A sitting U.S. mayor, mayor of the financial epicenter of the world, traveling to address a bunch of violent rioters who are anti-capitalism, anti-free market and anti-police? Violent rioters who prevented our first lady from leaving her hotel room for scheduled engagements. This is what Mayor Bill de Blasio supports?

Oh well, this follows suit when one considers the Obama first European “apology tour.” Hmm, they didn’t protest Obama now did they? Seems to me these lost little souls love a weak, neutered and unexceptional America.

As for the chaos on the ground in Hamburg, Fox News reports, “Thousands of anti-globalization protesters set cars on fire and tried to block leaders’ delegations from entering the grounds of the Group of 20 summit Friday in Hamburg, Germany, as authorities sent in police reinforcement from other cities on the second day of protests.

Dozens of police officers built moving lines in different parts of Hamburg and used water cannons to force protesters away from streets across the city. The city boosted its police presence with reinforcements from around the country for the G-20 summit but asked for more support on Thursday night after the situation started to escalate. At least 45 demonstrators were arrested, 15 were temporarily detained, and 160 police officers were injured early Friday, including three officers who were hospitalized.

Germany’s Justice Minister Heiko Maas told reporters that the violent protests were a disservice to the big crowd of overwhelmingly peaceful demonstrators. “Every peaceful protest is welcome,” Maas said. “But that is no free pass for unrestrained rampage.”“These extremist criminals don’t belong in the streets, but into court. Whoever torches cars and injures police officers does not deserve any kind of tolerance.”

Hmm, they may not deserve any kind of tolerance, but it appears they deserve the attention of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. And what is rather perplexing is that these kiddos are rioting and protesting anti-globalization, but German President Angela Merkel has spoken out against U.S. President Donald Trump for being an anti-globalist. Doggone, these folks are truly confused, huh?

What I really want to bring to your attention to is the obvious juxtaposition of the Hamburg rioters as opposed to the gathering in Warsaw, Poland.

This comparison brings to our cognizance what has to be evident,: a clear ideological separation between “old” Europe and “new” Europe. What do I mean?

Old Europe is defined as Western Europe: Britain, France, Belgium, and Germany. I refer to New Europe as Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, the Baltic States, Moldova and Georgia. What you see in Hamburg, Germany is the unrelenting indoctrination of progressive socialism. As well, old Europe is being overrun by the Islamic Al Hijra, the migration, thanks to the insane policies of Merkel, along with the open borders policy of the European Union.

It’s as if old Europe has forgotten what true liberty means and this is the result of decades of social welfare programs and policies, enabled by the defense shield provided by America. I’ve stated before that there is a trifecta of disaster facing classical liberalism today — progressive socialism, Islamo-fascism (and whassup with this Linda Sarsour calling for jihad against our president?), and secular humanism.

Imagine this, it was old Europe who gave us the champions of individual liberty. German monk Martin Luther defied the status quo in Oct 1517 with his 95 theses challenging the practice of “indulgences” by the Catholic Church. He asserted that every man and woman had the right to have an individual and personal relationship with Jesus Christ; no need to pay someone as an intercessor. John Locke, the famed English political philosopher gave us the ideal of natural rights theory and the concept of natural law. He introduced true classical liberalism, individual liberty, in that our rights emanated from our Creator by nature, not from man, and that these rights were life, liberty, and property. It was Frenchman Charles Montesquieu who gave us the principles and framework for our Constitution and federal government. He gave us the ideals of separation of powers, three branches of government, and checks and balances. These three men are fundamental and foundational to the construct of our Constitutional Republic…what happened in old Europe? Sadly, they’ve moved more towards Hobbes, Rousseau, and Marx.

Yet, when one looks to the new Europe, you find people hungry for liberty and freedom. They seek NEVER to return to the oppression and tyranny of socialism and communism. When you speak to Eastern Europeans who’ve immigrated to America, they are beside themselves seeing this creeping progressivism, along with creeping civilizational jihad and Sharia, happening here in America.

Speaking of which, do y’all realize there are more than fifty Sharia law courts operating in England? What happened to those who stood up and created the Magna Carta, challenging the absolute power of a monarch? When I watched the crowd in Poland, I saw new Europe, a people who know what it means to be free, and to fight for it.

Consider the scourge under which the Polish people existed for most of the 20th century, along with most of Eastern Europe. They appreciate what they’ve attained and earned, and unlike the ungrateful indoctrinated violent rioters in Hamburg, they have NO desire to go back. This is why America, as we go forward, should focus more on new Europe as it appears old Europe is in serious decline. Funny, we reported here where ultra left progressive supporter and Hollywood actor, George Clooney, is leaving London because he doesn’t feel safe. So much for that whole multiculturalism thing. As I always say, “when tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide.”

That is the lesson we should have gleaned from President Trump’s first real trip to Europe…I don’t really count the previous visit with the Pope and the NATO summit. President Trump’s address in Warsaw, regardless of the commentary of the left liberal progressive media, gave witness to the challenge Europe faces. I don’t know if the old version can recover. But, I certainly know there’s a bright light of liberty and freedom shining in Europe, and it is to the east.

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