Here’s what I hope Trump will say to Putin behind closed doors

It will probably already have happened by the time you’re reading this and it’s a highly anticipated meeting. Yes, I’m talking about the first meeting of Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. With all the Russia, Russia, Russia hype emanating from the progressive socialist left, this will possibly end up being anti-climactic…kinda like the climate change hype of the left. And how interesting the contrast in the audiences in Warsaw, Poland as opposed to Hamburg, Germany. Funny thing… where were all the German protesters over the violation of their national sovereignty with the massive influx of Muslim “refugees,” many military-aged males? It appears to me that “new” Europe is far more appreciative of freedom and liberty.

Regardless, President Trump has to realize that, according to the left, he is in a fait accompli situation as they’ll spin whatever happens in this meeting to their perceived advantage and talking point agenda.

Exhibit A, as reported by Fox News, “For Russian President Vladimir Putin, a meeting with U.S. counterpart Donald Trump on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in Germany offers a long-sought opportunity to negotiate a rapprochement with Washington. But controversy over the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia will loom over the talks, making any agreements unlikely.

Rarely in recent history has a meeting of two heads of state generated so much excitement, anxiety and hope. The Kremlin views Friday’s encounter as a watershed moment that could ease Russia-West tensions. Some in the U.S., meanwhile, worry that Trump could make unjustified concessions to Russia. Amid investigations into possible collusion with Moscow by Trump’s campaign, any deal with Putin would expose Trump to more criticism. And if the two fail to get along, that would further exacerbate tensions between Moscow and Washington and put them on a collision course in regions around the world.

“If Putin comes to the conclusion that even if Russia and the U.S. reach agreement, Trump would be unable to implement it for domestic policy reasons, he would lose interest in seeking an agreement,” said Dmitri Trenin, the director of the Carnegie Moscow Center. Putin, a KGB veteran who once described himself as an “expert in personal communications,” always focuses closely on trying to establish warm ties with his counterparts. Kremlin-watchers say Putin meticulously prepares for meetings with foreign leaders, studying their track records and personal habits. “He believes that personalities — not states, armies or companies — determine the course of global events,” Trenin said.”

So, here are my recommendations for President Trump and his meeting with Vladimir Putin:

1. First know that you are not going to “stare down” Putin or intimidate him. Barack Obama tried that and was made to look the fool. Do not be overly cordial nor glaring, just a quick mild handshake with no facial emotion. Remember, this is a fella who with every movement, action, word, is assessing you and conducting a psychological analysis. My dad said, “an empty wagon makes a lot of noise,” so Mr. President, keep your comments short and make every word meaningful.

2. Realize that the most important thing you’ve done was to go to Poland before the G20 summit. The fact that you met and addressed the issue of energy exports was immeasurable, but you must ensure you follow through. In no uncertain terms convey a simple message to Putin. You will undermine his greatest economic asset, his natural gas exports. Putin is not one who regards words or rhetoric. He is a classical despot who only understands action and strength. As well, make sure you reiterate to him your firm commitment to NATO and the deployment of the missile defense shield. If he attempts to respond, just advise him that he doesn’t have the high ground.

3. Explain to Vladimir that you’re NOT ‘flexible” like Barack Obama. You will not stand for his alliance with Iran and you don’t trust him as he’s lied about chemical weapons in Syria and defeating ISIS. Allow him a chance to get on board with fighting against Islamic jihadism — remind him of the Russian jetliner that was shot down over the Sinai Peninsula by ISIS.

4. Tell him to back off supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. If he tries to insinuate any similarity with the brutal Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, cut him off. Reiterate to him, once again, that he has no high ground and it won’t end up well for him siding with Islamic jihadists.

5. Make it very clear to Vladimir that you will not be sending food and socks to the Ukranian military. As well, you will continue to support NATO allies in the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Advise Putin that you don’t wish to, but any confrontations with our fighter aircraft and naval vessels will end up just as it did for him with Turkey.

6. Lastly, invite Putin to be a part of the solution or be seen as part of the problem, and suffer the consequences that come. Let him know you’re not going to stand for the maniacal actions of North Korea’s leader. You have no confidence in China reining him in, so you are requesting he speak with China’s Xi Jinping. You take the threat of Kim Jong Un seriously, and the time comes when the only recourse against a mad dog…is to put it down. China can do it, but someone will.

And that is it, end of meeting. Stand up, bid Vladimir Putin “dosvedanya” and walk out.

Mr. President, do not discuss the left’s talking point about Russian collusion, there are greater issues to tackle than their smoke and mirrors. Stay on message, on point, and do not allow Putin to draw you off the offense.

Always remember Mr. President, unpredictability is not a strategy, it’s tactic. Good luck sir, and when you greet Vladimir, tell him you don’t have a stupid little yellow box with a red button to give him.

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