In a week that saw Trump take on the media, a new poll delivers the KO punch to the MSM

When Donald Trump secured the GOP nomination, the liberal media went into overdrive in an attempt to derail his candidacy. In order to do that, they often portrayed Trump as having a tenuous relationship with the truth. It was an odd strategy, considering the media overwhelming favored Hillary Clinton, a pathological liar. Yet, that was the narrative the MSM decided to run with.

In the end, Donald Trump overcame the unprecedented negative coverage to win the election. However, his relationship with the media didn’t improve from there. If anything, the media has been even more slanted against Trump since he took office. It’s an issue that has dominated his presidency so far.

The result of this war between Trump and the MSM hasn’t been pretty. Americans’ trust in both the government and media are at all time lows, with seemingly no sign of improvement on the horizon. However, when asked to pick who is more trustworthy between the MSM and Trump, Americans were quite decisive in their answer.

From The Blaze:

A new poll from NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist shows that Americans trust President Trump much more than they trust the media. The poll was conducted June 21-25.

While 30 percent of adults said they trusted the media, 37 percent said they trusted the Trump administration. While this is historically low trustworthiness for a presidency, its also very low for the media.

Much of the lack of trust stems from the diminishing civility in our political discourse:

The polls shows many more Americans believe that there was a loss of civility in politics after Trump was elected, than there were that said the same after former President Obama’s election. While only 35 percent said civility had declined in a Gallup poll after Obama’s election, twice as many, 70 percent, said the same thing of Trump’s election.

The poll comes as major news outlet CNN is mired in controversy. Recently, CNN was forced to retract a story that relied on bad sources. From there, multiple CNN personalities were caught on camera admitting they were only negatively covering Trump for ratings. Another major news source, the New York Times, was also forced to retract a misleading claim used in multiple stories.

These poll numbers are a blow to the MSM, especially after spending months painting Trump as the untrustworthy one. However, it appears Americans are increasingly inclined to label the media as the purveyors of fake news.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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