What just happened here in Dallas has me VERY alarmed

Most folks consider Texas to be a great bastion of liberty and conservatism, but folks, things are getting strange here. Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, and their mantra is “Keep Austin Weird.”

You know, it was just Monday evening that I was watching the original movie “The Alamo.” Something tells me that Crockett, Bowie, and Travis, for whom Travis County is named, would kinda be a little shocked. This state was a rallying cry for freedom against the oppression of a centralized government, at the time, the Mexican government under Santa Ana.

Now, I reside here in Dallas — you remember, J.R., the Ewings, America’s team the Dallas Cowboys, and where Walker Texas Ranger was shot. Boy howdy, things are getting weird here in the “Big D.”

As reported by DFWCBSlocal.com, “Dallas County is the first county in Texas and only the second in America to designate itself a Human Rights County, joining eleven U.S. cities that have followed the United Nation’s initiative aiming to develop Human Rights communities throughout the world.

“Human Rights abuses occur in our community, our country and our world every day. We must lead at the local level. We can’t do everything but we can all do something,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, who sponsored the resolution. Additionally, Commissioner Dr. Elba Garcia and Commissioner Dr. Theresa Daniel joined Jenkins to pass the resolution. “This is a significantly important step taken by Dallas County. It will have historical implications. We should all be thankful that the Dallas County Commissioners Court has taken a leadership role in advancing the cause of Human Rights,” said Wayne Meachum, Dallas County resident and Human Rights advocate. Both Commissioners John Wiley Price and Mike Cantrell voted “no”.

Here’s a portion of the text of the resolution:

• WHEREAS, the United Nations passed a Resolution proclaiming the year commencing on December 10, 2008 the international Year of Human Rights Learning, spurring a movement devoted to increasing awareness about human rights violations and promoting education about human rights issues; and,

• WHEREAS, one such initiative that resulted from the United Nations’ Resolution is the “Human Rights City” project that aims to develop Human Rights communities throughout the world in an attempt to build infrastructure for racial justice, conflict prevention, human security, sustainable development, and create a place for active civic engagement at the local, national, and global level

Man, having the United Nations issue a declaration on human rights is like having a cannibal do a cook book. I mean seriously folks.

There are already a few other U.S. cities which have declared themselves “Human Rights Cities” — Washington D.C., Carrboro and Chapel Hill NC, Richmond and Mountain View, CA, Eugene, OR, Boston MA, Pittsburgh PA, Seattle WA, Jackson MS, and Edina MN.

Now, pardon me, but the last thing any American city needs is to follow suit with the United Nations, a global body politic of despots and dictators. Just this week, we celebrated our 241st American Independence Day — you really wanna talk about human rights? The United States of America was begun as a nation advancing individual rights, you know, unalienable rights endowed from the Creator of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We certainly don’t need a declaration on human rights from the United Nations, where Saudi Arabia still has a seat on the council. Funny, I didn’t see any Saudi city on the list of Human Rights Communities. This is just another wasted bit of folly brought to you by your friendly neighborhood progressive socialists. The same liberal progressives who don’t believe in choice for a quality education…talk about a human rights violation. However, if the teachers unions say it’s bad, well, human rights be damned.

These are the same leftist progressives who believe Medicaid for all is a solution for healthcare. Sorry, not gonna have some government bureaucrat, such as in England, decide my life or death. But hey, who are these people, and when did they get to decide what is a human rights abuse? Of course, as long as it fits their ideological agenda.

After the Karen Handel special election victory in Atlanta, Georgia I wrote an assessment here. I warned y’all of the grand strategy of the left: overtake cities in red states. And I’ll be doggone, I’m now living in a city and a county where they’re sucking up to the United Nations…as the song goes “How Bizarre.”

Oh well, I suppose this is kinda what happens when you go and invite those folks from California, and elsewhere, to come to your state for economic opportunity and growth. When you don’t check their card at the state border, they infiltrate, and like locusts, they begin to destroy your once fertile land. Boy howdy, just gotta wonder where those folks fleeing Chicago and Illinois will end up? Funny, folks leave disastrous states, and end up trying to make their new home state a disaster.

Human rights community? Heck, if you believe in the fundamental principles, values, rule of law, and precepts of America you don’t need any mockery and gimmickry such as this. Then again, if you want to “fundamentally transform” America, well, you are indeed stuck on stupid!

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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