ICE agents sound alarm over Obama holdover as acting director

According to officers and agents in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, the man who is now the acting director there was also the same individual responsible for releasing criminal illegals under the Obama administration.

Thomas Homan previously headed up Obama’s Enforcement and Removal Operations, even receiving an award from the former president for his work.

Breitbart is reporting, The agents and officers in the National ICE Council are sounding the alarm that such a bureaucrat would somehow be chosen by the Trump Administration to lead a flagship effort such as immigration law enforcement. ICE Council President Chris Crane, also an ICE Officer, spoke with Breitbart Texas and painted a dismal picture of the politics playing out in how our nation’s immigration laws are enforced.

“It is a disgrace that the man who oversaw Obama’s effort to release criminal illegal aliens into our country is now the acting director of ICE,” said Officer Crane. “Someone under Trump has been allowed too much authority in choosing the worst possible Obama-holdover to lead the vital effort of enforcing our nation’s immigration laws.”

Officer Crane continued, “Acting Director Homan should not be elevated, he should instead be held accountable. Just as Former Attorney General Eric Holder should have been held responsible for Operation Fast and Furious which resulted in Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death, Thomas Homan should be held accountable for every criminal illegal alien released during his ERO leadership during the Obama Administration.”

The ICE Council’s decision to speak out was in large part due to Acting ICE Director Homan attending a roundtable White House meeting with family members of victims of illegal alien crimes on June 28, 2017, said Officer Crane. “Again, the Obama-holdover [Homan] was previously the director of ERO and responsible for the release of criminal illegal aliens into U.S. communities. Such a person being brought to this event made us realize that we had to speak out. Political forces are trying to promote this Obama-holdover and we don’t think the American public or President Trump would allow this if they realized what role Acting Director Homan played only months ago in the deluge of our borders and our nation’s sovereignty. There is no telling how many more American families will be in pain and suffer the loss of a loved one as a result of what Acting Director Thomas Homan did during Obama’s administration.”

Breitbart Texas contacted ICE for comment and an intense exchange followed — one that highlights the ICE officers’ concerns about Acting Director Homan. The ICE spokesperson implied that Homan was simply following Obama’s orders and sent a transcript of Homan’s words to the press from the White House roundtable event mentioned prior in this piece.

The question to ask here is why, if a man is just following orders, was he given an award by the president? Typically, one doesn’t get rewarded for simply doing what they were told, but for going above and beyond the call of duty.

A man who was responsible for releasing dangerous criminals back into society should not be holding a position where his beliefs or views regarding immigration could end up putting innocent American lives at risk.

Whatever happened to draining the swamp?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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