I have ONE message for Senate Republicans: MTHU

The Senate GOP pulled their healthcare bill, and now they are leaving Washington DC for a recess? Here is my message to the House and Senate Republicans: “Mike-Tango-Hotel-Uniform” — Man the Hell Up! You were voted in as a majority and here we still have the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party, the minority, acting as if they were the majority and pushing you around.

Yes, they’re the beach bullies kicking sand in your faces, and you’re going home for a recess? The exact thing our Founding Fathers fought for 241 years ago, our Independence, is at stake. Consider the pressing issues of the day 241 years ago as the British were seeking to impose their tyranny upon America, these thirteen little colonies. They didn’t cower and go on recess; they committed themselves by pledging their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor to declare our Independence. What manner of elected members are y’all? Where is your intestinal fortitude?

On Tuesday evening, President Trump had all the GOP Senators over to the White House…why are they not still there? Leadership means you do not go home until the mission is complete — at least that’s the standard by which we operate in the military. Not a single one of those GOP Senators should have been allowed to leave the White House until this was done, there was a healthcare legislation and the votes were there for passing. However, that requires a president who understands policy and can articulate specifically what his guidance and desired end state is for a healthcare bill.

I understand the Budget Reconciliation process, meaning that Obamacare, and healthcare reform, is being looked at from a purely fiscal position. I also understand this means it will only require a simple majority to pass in the Senate, instead of the 60 vote standard. But, the GOP needs to embrace some fundamental principles, and those center around a belief that as constitutional conservatives — unless they’re just Republican progressives — means lessening the government impact on healthcare, not expanding, or sustaining it.

Let me help the GOP out a little bit. The first thing is to define exactly what Obamacare is. It has nothing to do with affordable healthcare or protecting patients. Obamacare was nothing more than a wealth redistribution scheme, by way of 20 new onerous taxes, to include the nationalizing of college student loans.

Secondly, Obamacare was just a massive expansion of Medicaid, the government healthcare program that was intended to cover the indigent, those below the poverty line. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer is a liar when he states that the GOP seeks to cut Medicaid. The GOP and President Trump need to explain to the American people that we are not going down the path of Medicaid for the entire nation; that is an insidious proposal, and one only accepted by liberal progressives. At this current time, over 45 percent of the American population is on some form of government healthcare program. That is an explosion on the mandatory spending side of our budget that we cannot afford.

Obamacare needs to be repealed and the GOP just needs to state that it will be done so as of 1 January 2018. That means every single tax, mandate, and regulatory edict involving these new government agencies and bureaus will not exist. Obamacare is already collapsing, insurance premiums are exploding, and access to healthcare and insurance is lacking. Obamacare exchanges and COOPs are failing.

Here is the crux of what needs to be rectified. Instead of expanding Medicaid for those referred to as the “working poor” — Americans who were above the poverty line, yet below an income level to effectively afford quality healthcare insurance — give them an expanded use of Health Savings Accounts, non-taxed money that can be safeguarded for routine healthcare issues. Then allow them to claim their health insurance as a tax credit…not give them a subsidy. This also means that the GOP needs to enact spending and budget reform on Washington DC. We know about their waste. Also, HSAs should be expanded for all Americans and allow them more control over their routine healthcare issues. Health insurance should be reserved for more catastrophic medical issues.

In my case, let me explain. I have never smoked or consumed alcohol my entire life. However, my cardiologist diagnosed me with what he presumed was a blocked artery. It ended up that my heart was too muscular. So in order to rectify that situation, I dialed back on my running and fitness routine, and began taking CoQ-10 and fish oil supplements: situation rectified. Then in January 2016, I was diagnosed with sick sinus syndrome, meaning there was something wrong with the electrical signal from my sinus node telling my heart to beat. For so many years doctors thought that my low heart rate, 38-42, was attributed to my exercise routine, until a Holter monitor test revealed that my heart rate dropped into the 20s at night, and actually stopped for a few seconds several times during the 24-hour monitoring period. That was when my health insurance kicked in for a surgery to implant a heart pacemaker…but I still maintain a solid fitness routine. To this day, my cardiologist cannot explain why this condition fell upon me. So there are those unexplained medical issues that we can experience. However, if we want to lower our healthcare costs in America, it’s time for personal responsibility to kick in, it’s our body after all.

Nothing perplexes me more than to see someone in a wheelchair, obese, on an oxygen tank, and smoking a cigarette. We need to incentivize healthier living by way of insurance premium reductions…safe driving yields something similar. It’s time for the American people to stop believing it’s the obligation of others to accept responsibility for their unhealthy practices and actions. There are unforeseen medical events that occur which we cannot predict, or in my case even explain.

However, if the individual wants to take a dangerous course in their lives for their own bodies, then they must take responsibility…and that is a fundamental difference between classical liberals and liberal progressives. The latter want personal irresponsibility as that creates the opportunity for dependency, and a shift in power from the individual by way of the collective to the government. The solution for healthcare reform has to begin with empowering the individual, because Medicaid for all is a failing proposition. And all this leftist talk about tens and hundreds of thousands will die is just over the top hyperbole from those lacking intellectual rigor to solve this issue, instead just using fear mongering in order to maintain control and power.

Yes, we need to allow small businesses to coalesce for better healthcare premiums. We need to allow for better health insurance portability. We need to enact tort reform. We need to allow open competition in the insurance market throughout the nation. We certainly don’t need any insurance company bailouts. And we need to improve the doctor to patient relationship and end the onerous regulations that preclude medical professionals from spending time with patients. We can develop high-risk pools for those suffering from pre-existing conditions. No one should be denied coverage. These aforementioned items are more qualitative, not fiscal, and can be developed in legislation after the Obamacare taxes and mandates are ended.

And how do we get more Americans off Medicaid? Economic growth, for which tax reform is desperately required but under budget reconciliation, but the GOP cannot get to it, until they resolve healthcare reform. What was needed Tuesday night in the White House was a butcher block of paper and pizza. This should have been hammered out and not just left up to — well, who knows? This isn’t that complicated, certainly not hard, it just requires courage. Someone in the GOP needs to tell Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders, and Nancy Pelosi to go pound sand, get on board or get left behind. We all know what the progressive socialist left wants: Medicaid for all…a single payer system, and they rigged Obamacare to do exactly what it is doing, collapse.

Hey, Republicans, MTHU! If you cannot, just tell us, and we will ensure you’re on a permanent recess…

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]

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