So the Democrats want to blame the GOP for Obamacare’s collapse?

So glad that we have the progressive socialist left around to provide comic relief. I mean c’mom, how can anyone take these chuckleheads seriously?

Now, here is the liberal progressive left’s most recent adventure into absurdity: they now claim that the Republicans are to blame for Obamacare’s failure, and for the fact insurance companies are pulling out of the Obamacare exchanges — leaving Americans with one, or no health care insurance options.

Yes, the Republicans who have been in control in DC for six months are to blame. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s famous quote, “we have to pass the bill in order to find out what is in it?” I guess we should be blaming the Republicans for Pelosi’s delusional quote, as well.

Let me ask y’all a question: how many of you had an annoying sibling, or relative, that would go and do something horrible, and then put the blame on you? Well, just close your eyes, and envision Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi as the annoying sibling.

Remember how you would get so incensed — ok, mad — when your parents would scold and punish you for something that rascal brother or sister of yours did? Yep, that is what these “Democrats” are trying to pull, they are the whining, devious siblings that go out and get in trouble, yet blame someone else. They never take responsibility, and later in the evening, when the folks are asleep, taunt you for getting in trouble for what they did…all with that smirky grin.

But what else are these morally corrupt and intellectually bankrupt liberal progressives up to?

Lefists are planning protests at Independence Day parades against the Republicans. Yes, these modern day Tories want to infiltrate our traditional celebrations for our Independence to show their support for Obamacare.

I want you to ponder this: the progressive socialist left wants to scream and shout for onerous, intrusive, and invasive government run health care, and Medicaid for all, on the day we declared our Independence from onerous, intrusive, and invasive monarchical rule.

On the day we declared these United States of America as free and independent from tyrannical rule — seeking our own self-determination and governance — they want mandated health care and increased taxation.

Folks, that is what I call oxymoronic, with emphasis on the “moron.” What’s even more sad and disheartening, we have the GOP that cannot effectively craft a message evidencing the “stuck on stupid” quality of the left.

But, never fear, I am more than happy to to do it for them…

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