California 2nd Amendment supporters get good news

Usually when reporting on anything gun-related in the extremely liberal state of California, it’s bad news involving another creative new way leftists have found to violate the 2nd Amendment.

However, it seems today is going to be a different kind of day.

The government in California has decided to block new gun control rules that would’ve made some gun owners register their guns as “assault weapons.”

The Daily Caller reports:

The rules that were blocked would have forced various gun owners to register their firearms as so-called “assault weapons,” which included rifles that featured “bullet buttons” that cause magazines to easily detach. Presumably, the newly-registered assault weapons would have led to an eventual ban on those weapons, with the registry making their confiscation possible.

The problem is that items that would have been designated assault weapons under this rule would have been too extensive, as National Rifle Association attorney Chuck Michel argued, saying there were over “40 new assault weapons definitions.”

“It seems like they’re trying to stretch the law to cover a lot of guns that shouldn’t be deemed to be assault weapons under the law,” Michel told the Associated Press (AP).

It seems strange that a dark blue state like California would allow such gun control rules to be blocked, but it’s due to the fact that the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) determined that the rules didn’t go through the proper comment period before the state legislature passed them. The reason for the block of the rules is a procedural matter rather than an ideological one.

The state has to get the rules approved by July 1, 2018, the final deadline established by a bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) for gun owners of the newly-classified assault weapons to register their firearms.

In other words, while the move is definitely good for those who support the right to bear arms, it wasn’t due to the government recognizing the critical importance of the 2nd Amendment.

There’s still a chance these rules could end up becoming law, but for now, they aren’t.

This provides gun rights activists with some additional time to rally support against the measure and hopefully put enough pressure on elected officials to prevent it from ever coming to pass.

The fight is not over.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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