Feminist author signs book with “have you killed any men today,” then bashes reporter who noted it

A hardcore feminist author is raising some serious questions after leaving a rather disturbing note on a copy of her book signed for a fan.

This is a perfect example of how the call for “toning down the rhetoric” has simply fallen on deaf ears.

According to TheBlaze, A feminist author is raising eyebrows over a handwritten note she reportedly left on a page of her book, “Fight Like a Girl,” during a signing.

“Have you killed any men today?” Clementine Ford, an Australian author, reportedly wrote inside her hardcover book. “And if not, why not?”

The Guardian said “Fight Like a Girl” looks at “Ford’s growth from a girl with an eating disorder who wanted to be liked by the boys (‘Being complicit in your own silence,’ she writes), to a woman finding her voice, feminism and a sisterhood of ‘girl gangs.’”

The Daily Mail said it reached out to Ford about the handwritten note — and then Ford tweeted the message the reporter sent her, which included his phone number. Ford has 72,000 Twitter followers.

Ford seemed to hint around that the note was left in a friend’s copy of the book, but that has yet to be verified.

As if this whole fiasco isn’t enough, Ford is apparently going to write a book called, “Boys Will Be Boys,” for her son about how masculinity is “toxic.”

This goes well beyond calls for equality and plays right into everything wrong with modern discourse on political and social matters. Rather than promoting civil discourse, such statements only further divide people and for those who are a little unhinged mentally, it’s inspiration to carry out horrific acts of violence.

This is precisely what happened in Alexandria when a Bernie Sanders supporter purposefully targeted members of the GOP in a shooting at a practice for the Congressional baseball game.

When will the call for civility finally be heeded?

[This article is written by Michael Cantrell]

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