Democrat Senator ratchets up HYSTERIA; says conservative SCOTUS justices are like…

Democrats have a reputation for being the party of the “bleeding heart,” where emotional, knee-jerk reactions flow freely 24/7, 365 days a year, and what Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono just said about conservative Supreme Court Justices fits perfectly into that category.

According to Hirono, these folks are the “horsemen of the apocalypse.”

Little overdramatic, right? So much for civility and toning down the rhetoric.

BizPacReview reports, Democratic Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono blasted the Supreme Court Justices for heading toward a path to “extremism” as their decision apparently spelled the end of the world.

“Neil Gorsuch who I did not support as a Supreme Court Justice, he’s joined two of the most conservative Justices, Clarence Thomas and [Sam] Alito on the court to take the position that the entire injunction should have been lifted,” she told MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell on Monday.

“This is like the three horsemen of the apocalypse and they’re waiting for the fourth one to come along so that they can go on there trend towards what I call extremism,” Hirono continued.

Goodness. That’s some real hostility, wouldn’t you agree?

The travel ban isn’t about discriminating against Muslims, but about reducing the threat of radical terrorism posed by groups like ISIS who are supremely good at getting around immigration laws as a means of entering a country and carrying out violence.

Many of the countries on the list have simply not done enough to help dismantle these groups that call their cities home, and as a result, they’re spreading across the world, carrying out deadly attacks that leave a trail of destruction.

Having conservative justices stepping up to the plate and living out their principles to uphold the integrity of the law in our country is making America a safer place.

Who wouldn’t support that?

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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