Shady firm behind Trump dossier stonewalling investigators after big payday

President Trump has been targeted by liberal Democrats ever since announcing his presidency, but the depths these folks are willing to go to try and nail him to the wall are mind-blowing.

A secretive group, based in Washington, commissioned an intelligence dossier on Trump that recently caught the eye of congressional investigators who want to find out what connections the firm has to the Democratic Party. However, so far, their efforts are being thwarted.

The NY Post is reporting:

The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month threatened to subpoena the firm, Fusion GPS, after it refused to answer questions and provide records to the panel identifying who financed the error-ridden dossier, which was circulated during the election and has sparked much of the Russia scandal now engulfing the White House.

Never mind that none of the rumors was backed by evidence or even credible sourcing (don’t bother trying to confirm his bed-wetting yarn, Steele advised, as “all direct witnesses have been silenced”). Steele reinforced his paying customers’ worst fears about Trump, and they rewarded him for it with a whopping $250,000 in payments.

But it’s now clear his “intelligence reports,” which together run more than 35 pages long, were for the most part worthless. And the clients who paid Fusion GPS (which claims to go “beyond standard due diligence”) for them got taken to the cleaners.

Steele’s most sensational allegations remain unconfirmed. For instance, his claim that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen held a “clandestine meeting” on the alleged hacking scheme in Prague with “Kremlin officials” in August 2016 unraveled when Cohen denied ever visiting Prague, his passport showed no stamps showing he left or entered the US at the time, witnesses accounted for his presence here, and Czech authorities found no evidence Cohen went to Prague.

But even the CIA gave it credence. The dossier ended up attached to a Top Secret intelligence briefing on Russia for President Obama, even though his intelligence czar last month testified, “We couldn’t corroborate the sourcing.” The FBI, moreover, has been using it for investigative leads on Trump associates like Carter Page, even though former FBI Director James Comey this month described the dossier as “salacious and unverified.”

Democratic leaders in Washington continue to use this dossier to come up with new allegations to throw at the president, as the mainstream media continually searches the document for journalistic nuggets they can use to bolster their ratings.

These shenanigans prove that the left is still hoping beyond hope that the dossier will somehow convince the right people that Trump is in cahoots with Russia and get the man booted from office.

Obviously, if there was any evidence such a connection existed, then this “secretive firm,” wouldn’t be so desperately trying to stall investigators to prevent them from seeing that a large portion of what they put together was to help the DNC take down Trump and nothing more.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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