Bernie RISES again and what he’s planning now is JAW-DROPPING

You know, Vermont’s democratic socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders, reminds me of Christopher Lloyd’s character in the “Back to the Future” movie series. Y’all remember the mad professor who was over-the-top emphatic? Yeah, that guy. Let’s be very honest, we all have a kinda nutty Uncle Bernie or Aunt Bernice in our families, but who would ever think they would be a U.S. Senator and heck, even run for president? Here’s a fella who actually didn’t have his first paying job until way late in life. Some would call that “failure to launch,” but Senator Sanders did find a way to make money and survive: he entered into politics. And all of a sudden, this unaccomplished back- bencher with no real legislative accomplishments in, well, how long in the U.S. Senate came darn close to being a presidential nominee, and is now a “leading” voice for the progressive socialist left in America.

You want to see something scary? Watch this.

As you know, English political philosopher and the father of classical liberalism, John Locke, wrote of natural rights, those being life, liberty, and property, which Thomas Jefferson rephrased as unalienable rights endowed by the Creator of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Now, ask yourself — and I would love to ask Uncle Bernie — exactly what kind of liberal are you? Or as a matter of fact, ask that of anyone adamantly claiming to be a “liberal” today.

I think they’re woefully confused in that they no longer believe the individual is sovereign and endowed by these basic three rights. We’re not debating with liberals today; they’re progressive socialists, democratic socialists, statists and borderline communists. They don’t embrace the ideal of American individualism; what they advance is a collectivism that subjugates and relegates us all to the whims of government…and what they will grant us. We’re no longer able to “pursue our happiness.” Nope, as Senator Sanders said in this clip from Sunday on “Meet the Press” is that we should be guaranteeing healthcare to everybody. That goes right along with we should be guaranteeing free college education to everybody. Which goes right along with we should be guaranteeing a certain wage to everybody. And that goes hand in hand with we should be guaranteeing misery for everybody.

Sir Winston Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Senator Sanders’ response to a failing Obamcare, which was government interjecting itself into our healthcare, is that, first, the GOP plan is going to kill people. Silly me, I thought we were toning down the rhetoric. So what Bernie Sanders wants is that infamous single-payer, Medicare, for everyone. Yes, Medicare, that program having issues with reimbursable rates so that many doctors are refusing to see Medicare patients. And the progressive socialists of the left despise the Medicare Part D program because it offers seniors a private sector choice…you know, the left hates that word choice, unless it means killing babies.

But, ponder this, Senator Sanders says he wants a full-up, government-run single payer healthcare system in America — you know, we should be guaranteeing this right to everybody, all Americans. Hey Bernie, that sounds a lot like the Veterans Administration Health system where the government said every veteran had a right to quality healthcare. And sir, if you haven’t noticed, veterans were dying on wait lists. Yeah, brilliant idea Senator Sanders. You can’t provide adequate, timely and quality care for less than two percent of the U.S. population but you actually think you can do it for everybody…as a right. Now that certainly sounds like something a nutty Uncle Bernie would say at Thanksgiving. We want a healthcare system that resembles the DMV? Ya just gotta ask, who votes for these people?

Now, here’s the real kicker. If everybody is supposed to get everything free, because everything, as determined and defined by the progressive socialist left, is a right…Hey, stop the press, who said the left could go about making all these rights, but they tell us we don’t have a Second Amendment right? How bizarre.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. If everything is supposed to be free, by right, and it’s guaranteed to be distributed by the government, who pays for it? We all know the government is a self-licking ice cream cone. It doesn’t generate capital; it taxes in order to gather resources. Ol’ Uncle Bernie says we just tax all those one-percenters, you know, working stiffs, who build businesses — oops, forgot, Uncle Barry, the other crazy uncle we DID elect president, said “if you own a business, you didn’t build that.”

So in essence, government, according to progressive socialists, doesn’t recognize the indomitable individual American entrepreneurial spirit. It’s just there to have its resources usurped for the left’s definition of guaranteed rights. So, ask yourself, why work? Why build a business if you know it’s just going to be taxed away from you? Heck, why not just stay home, albeit in a government Section Eight house, and wait for your guaranteed rights to everything for everybody? Until, to paraphrase Lady Margaret Thatcher, you run out of other people’s money.

Yeah, that crap is working REALLY well down there in Venezuela! I’ll stick with a nice hot meal made in my own kitchen, or at a chosen restaurant, instead of grab and go from the local garbage can. Ahh, now I know why the progressive socialist left, like Bernie Sanders, doesn’t want us to have a Second Amendment right. When we get tired of eating out of garbage cans and rise in anger at the government for failing to deliver on their promises of guaranteed everything for everybody, we can only throw rocks…because they’ll be the only ones with guns and bullets.

So, it would appear what Bernie wants isn’t universal healthcare, but universal helplessness and subjugation. Ol’ Bernie really wants subjects, not citizens. I was talking with a good friend up in Petoskey, Michigan who gave what may be the best description of the progressive socialist left. He stated, “the left reminds me of the crazy ol’ cat lady who claims she’s helping all the stray cats, but in the end, she’s really not helping any of them at all.”

And you know something else about the progressive socialist left? They’re some serious hypocrites. Take for example, Uncle Barry deciding to cancel the DC school voucher program back in April 2009. However, Barry Soetoro sent his kids to the prestigious Sidwell Friends School. And Uncle Bernie Sanders, well, somehow, the fella who never held a paying job almost until his forties, now has a beautiful lake home there in Vermont…wonder if there’s a wall around it? And all that talk about free college education? Well, Uncle Bernie’s wife, Aunt Jean, is now under FBI investigation for possible bank fraud going back to when she was a president of Burlington College, which she bankrupted. How appropriate, seeing that the political philosophy of the left is indeed morally bankrupt.

Back in 2012 the left got ticked at me for asserting that the Congressional Progressive Caucus was more communist than anything in their political philosophy. The left didn’t want to debate it, they were just mad someone called them on it. Now, we can no longer hide what is the lucid truth. There’s no such thing as a Democrat Party in America. They’re progressive socialists who redefine rights as they please, and promise to guarantee them, while dismissing the very fundamental rights we do have as Americans. This is what you call a fundamental transformation.

Not on my watch, Uncle Bernie!

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