Supreme Court drops another BOMBSHELL ruling for same-sex couples

The Supreme Court has been pretty busy today, issuing a number of rulings on a variety of different issues, including one about biology and its role in birth certificates.

A same-sex couple that used a sperm donor to have a child is at the center of the case, as one of the individuals involved was not included on the birth certificate since she did not play a role in the child’s conception, development, or birth.

According to TheBlaze, The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that states must list both people in a same-sex couple as a child’s parents on their birth certificate, whether or not they are the child’s biological parents.

The 6-3 decision overturned the Arkansas Supreme Court’s earlier ruling, which said that “it does not violate equal protection to acknowledge basic biological truths.” Justices Neil Gorsuch, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented in the Supreme Court decision.

Pavan v. Smith was brought by two married lesbian couples who had used an anonymous sperm donor. State officials put the biological mother on the child’s birth certificate but did not list her wife, with the state’s lawyers saying that “parental rights flow from biology, not marriage.” The lesbian couples bringing the lawsuit alleged discrimination because a married woman’s husband is automatically listed on the birth certificate even if he is not the biological parent.

While being a parent is certainly more than just having your name on a birth certificate or in biologically creating a child, it’s certainly not less than that.

Is this just another attempt by the left to subvert the traditional, nuclear family? Or should we look at it differently? How can it be bad for a child to have adults who WANT to step up to the plate and be legal parents?

All we can say at this point is that the world is indeed getting more complicated.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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