New poll shows just how unpopular “popular election winner” Hillary really is

A new poll has some very bad news for Hillary Clinton, a bombshell that blows a huge hole in her theories about why she lost the election to Donald Trump.

As it turns out, people just really don’t like her.

Seven months after the 2016 election, she’s still just as unpopular among American voters as she was during her campaign, proving she really was the problem all along.

The Washington Examiner is reporting:

According to Gallup, Americans’ views of the Democratic presidential candidate remain unchanged, as 41 percent of people said they have a favorable view of Clinton, who challenged President Trump in last year’s presidential race.

Clinton’s favorability has remained unchanged over the last seven months, Gallup reported, with 43 percent of Americans saying they had a positive view of the 2016 presidential candidate in November. Her favorability dropped to 41 percent in December, and has been the same since then.

With the exception of Clinton, losing presidential candidates over the last 25 years have seen a boost of at least 4 percentage points in their favorability after the election, according to previous Gallup polls.

Mitt Romney, who challenged former President Barack Obama in 2012, and Bob Dole, who ran against former President Bill Clinton in 1996, each saw their favorability increase four points after their respective elections.

Former President George H.W. Bush, who lost to Clinton in 1992, saw his favorability rise 16 points, and Sen. John McCain, who faced off against Obama in 2008, saw a 14 percent gain in favorability.

With all the protests, hashtag activism and backlash since the election, Hillary is still no more popular than she was in November. Kinda telling, huh?

The reason Clinton lost the election had nothing to do with Russian interference, but with the fact that she’s not trustworthy, and is out of touch with average Americans and the needs they have.

The majority of Americans are middle class, and they have been squashed, ignored, and left behind by the type of policies Hillary promotes — which are the same sort of things pushed by Obama.

Also, when you have a presidential candidate wrapped up in several big scandals at the same time and is clearly taking advantage of political privilege to get out of hot water, it’s not hard to see why so many have turned against her.

Maybe she’ll see this as a good time to retire from public life.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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