As if losing last night wasn’t enough, Democrats just got MORE BAD news…

The Democratic National Committee just got some really bad news about its recent fundraising efforts, and it’s likely the tears are already flowing.

Apparently the amount brought in for the month of May is the lowest fundraising amount since 2003.


The Washington Free Beacon is reporting, The Democratic National Committee raised only $4.29 million in May, the organization’s worst fundraising performance in that month since 2003, according to data from the Federal Election Commission.

In May 2003, the DNC raised $2.7 million, but since that time, the party’s worst totals in May had previously been $4.5 million in both 2005 and 2015. It is common for fundraising totals to dip in the year following a presidential election race.

This comes one month after the DNC posted its worst April in terms of fundraising since 2009, hauling in just $4.7 million. That meant the Democrats’ fundraising total dipped more than $400,000 from April to May.

MSNBC host Hallie Jackson pressed new DNC chair Tom Perez on the poor April total last week, but he said he only “got there on March 1.”

“I was the first to say, we have a lot of rebuilding to do,” he said.

Could it be true that people across the nation are sort of fed up with Democrat policies and how they seem to precipitate failure on every conceivable level?

Democrats held the White House for nearly a decade and implemented a lot of their agenda, and none of it made the lives of Americans any better. Obamacare caused healthcare costs to skyrocket and unemployment was higher than ever.

Perhaps the reason folks aren’t opening their wallets to the DNC has something to do with the fact that as a nation we’re beginning to experience the beginning of a shift back to the center right?

Just food for thought.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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