Congress pushes MAJOR change in gun rights in wake of Scalise shooting…

One of the most important rights we have as American citizens is the Second Amendment right to bear arms, to possess the means to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and our property.

Many states have concealed-carry laws that enable law-abiding folk to have a weapon on their person at all times, however not every state allows this, and not every state reciprocates, which means you can’t carry your weapon in certain states without penalty of law.

This, of course, is really a violation of the Second Amendment, and is something that needs to be changed at the federal level.

Oddly enough, after the recent shooting in Alexandria, lawmakers are considering a bill that enables elected officials to be able to carry concealed weapons anywhere in the U.S.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Congress is considering new legislation that would permit lawmakers to carry a concealed firearm wherever they perform official duties across the United States, according to a copy of the new bill that marks an unprecedented effort to help lawmakers confront a growing threat to their safety.

Rep. Brian Babin (R., Texas) introduced the legislation on Tuesday, about a week after a radicalized shooter opposed to President Donald Trump and Republicans shot Rep. Steve Scalise (R., La.), a congressional staffer, a lobbyist, and two Capitol police officers in Virginia.

The legislation would enable certified members of Congress to carry a concealed weapon “in nearly every conceivable scenario,” according to information released by Babin’s office.

The legislation would supersede any other state or federal concealed carry laws, meaning that lawmakers would still enjoy the privilege even if secondary laws state otherwise. This is particularly significant, as the District of Columbia has notoriously strict gun laws that have complicated similar efforts in the past.

Members of Congress would be able to carry a concealed firearm in “federal parks and buildings, the national mall, to and from their offices, at schools and military bases” with just “a few limited restrictions,” according to Babin’s office.

“The tragic events of last week make it clearer than ever that we need to take steps to enable Members of Congress to protect themselves,” Babin said in a statement. “We also know that an even greater tragedy was averted only because of the brave actions by two armed Capitol Police special agents who happened, mercifully, to be on site.”

Babin maintains the bill “would ensure rank and file Members of Congress have the opportunity to defend themselves by providing them the ability to concealed carry in nearly every scenario with only a few restrictions.”

This is a great idea, one that should totally be supported by gun rights folks, but at the same time, it seems sort of hypocritical to not extend such legislation to all law-abiding citizens. After all, don’t we, the average people, deserve to have the means to protect our lives as well?

Babin is right, though, about disaster being diverted by good guys with guns, which is why we need more folks carrying. This includes non-politicians.

Let’s hope lawmakers do the right thing and give everyone the ability to protect themselves anywhere in the country.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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