Brussels bomber identified; astonishing photo catches him in the act

If you were watching the liberal progressive news media, you’d have missed this. It certainly received far less attention than President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the non-binding Paris climate change accord, not a treaty. We already explained all the reasons why this action was taken and shared it with y’all. President Trump was pilloried as abandoning our allies, withdrawing from the world, and failing to lead…you know from behind. I suppose Obama displayed such astounding leadership as to allow an American citizen to be held illegally by North Korea for over a year, only to be returned in a coma. But hey, solving the problem of the weather 100 years from now is a far more pressing issue for domestic and global progressive socialists.

Sadly, there was another example of an issue the liberal progressive left prefers to dismiss.

As reported by the Daily Mail, An attacker who detonated a nail bomb he was carrying in a suitcase at Brussels Central Station has been identified as a 36-year-old Moroccan national from the jihadi ghetto of Molenbeek.

A witness captured this photo of the moment he detonated his bomb.

Known only as Oussama Z, officials have said he was not on their radar for links to terrorism, though some local media said he was well-known for being as serial sex offender and others said he was embroiled in drug crime.

He is the latest in the long line of extremists to have come from the Brussels municipality of Molenbeek, branded as the ‘jihadist capital of Europe’ which harboured Salah Adbeslam, who is in prison for the Paris attacks in 2015.

Attempted suicide bomber Oussama Z entered the station at 8.39pm and twice approached a group of 10 passengers and on the second time stood in the middle of them, screamed, and tried to blow himself up.

It appears he botched his attack as the suitcase, which contained nails and gas canisters, only partially exploded before catching fire which later caused a bigger blast.

When he realised his bomb had failed, he ran down the platform towards the station manager before returning to the scene of the blast shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ at a soldier, who shot him dead.

This is becoming a sad routine, and what troubles me is that it would appear that we’ve grown accepting of this, and just brush it off for stories of Russian collusion. Where is the righteous indignation from the leadership of Europe, like what we saw post President Trump’s climate change accord termination? Where are French President Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel? Needless to say, Ms. Merkel continues to be evidenced as someone who opened up the floodgates that has allowed a cancerous tumor to grow and spread throughout the European Union. When will the time come that these unassimilated Muslim communities in Europe will be engaged?

I may not be the brightest tool in the shed according to some of the leftist chuckleheads, but I know how to utilize trend analysis, which the left despises, calling it “profiling.” Single military-aged Muslim males are an issue in Europe, in more ways than just the threat of Islamic jihadist/terrorist attacks. As well they pose a serious domestic security threat, as there has been an escalation of sexual assaults against European women — heck, this guy wasn’t known to authorities as a potential extremist, but a serial sex offender!

Where is the indignation of European leaders about that clear and present danger – as a matter of fact, where are all the feminist marches? Oops, I forgot, a “civilizational jihad” proponent, Linda Sarsour, is the “leading” liberal progressive voice of feminism. Yep, someone who advocates for Sharia law. I suppose if those European women would just conform and wear hijabs and burkas covering themselves, they wouldn’t be assaulted.

There is no excuse anyone can offer that says, someone, anyone, didn’t know about the intentions of this dead jihadi assailant. We must be thankful for the Brussels law enforcement authorities who “neutralized” this terrorist. Once again we learn that the only thing that stops an armed bad guy are armed good guys. Now shall we witness, as we did in England, that there will be immediate arrests as many of these individuals were under surveillance, known terrorists? Someone is there in Brussels who is a very well trained bomb maker. Or even worse, just as with the Manchester attack, this dead jihadist in Brussels had recently returned from the Middle East or some other terrorist sanctuary country where he received training in bomb making.

And what is all this angst and hoopla about a temporary travel ban from countries, first presented by Barack Obama, that are failed states, supporters of Islamic terrorism, or harboring Islamic terrorist organizations? I am still trying to comprehend the insidious assertions that somehow this is based or rooted in racism…hey lefties, Muslim, or Islam, is not a race.

So, move along, pay no attention. It was just another Islamic terrorist attack. And according to RADM John Kirby, we need to understand the social ills such as poverty, lack of job opportunities, or poor father-son relationships if we are to defeat Islamic terrorism, extremism or jihadism. We cannot kill our way out of this situation of terrorism.

One thing is for certain: this enemy, who’s been at war with Europe since the 8th century and America since the 18th century, truly believes if they do as commanded by Mohammed — “strike terror in their hearts” — they will resolve the situation of Dar-al-Harb versus Dar-al-Islam…and when the latter rules and reigns supreme, there will be peace.

Well, that mess ain’t happening on my watch. What about yours?

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