Muslim “feminist” Linda Sarsour chalks up another dubious achievement: charity FRAUD

It boggles the mind why Muslim activist Linda Sarsour has emerged as a feminist icon, but following her role in organizing the anti-Trump “Women’s March,” she’s become just that.

A bizarre label for sure, given that she continuously defends Sharia law, and has called for women with whom she disagrees to have their bodies mutilated.

Well, at least we know for sure where she stands on the issue of female genital mutilation in the Muslim world.

Anyway, Sarsour is getting negative attention in the media once again, this time for charity fraud.

According to the Daily Caller, activist Linda Sarsour has raised more than $110,000 for a Somali woman who claims she was attacked by a white man in a hate crime, but there’s much more to the story, the two people accused of the hate attack tell The Daily Caller.

Sarsour started the fundraiser for Rahma Warsame, a 40-year-old single mother who lives in Columbus, Ohio, who says she was attacked on Saturday night by a white man while defending a friend.

Sarsour, a leader in the pro-Palestine cause who has come under fire for her sympathetic views on Sharia law, posted a picture of Warsame in the hospital and said that she has four missing teeth, a swollen face, swollen nose and busted lip.

According to CAIR, Warsame claimed that the white man told her “you all will be shipped back to Africa.” The group held a press conference on Sunday to complain that the man involved in the incident was not arrested.

But Samantha Morales says that the Sarsour and CAIR have the story all wrong, including the allegations that racial epithets were hurled at Warsame.

Morales, 31 and of Mexican heritage, says that she was attacked first by a mob of men and women, including Warsame, following a neighborhood argument involving a woman and her son.

“What happened is not what she is claiming. The woman that is in the hospital, I feel sorry for her, but she is one of the women who was kicking and hitting me after I got tased,” Morales told TheDC in a phone interview on Monday.

Morales, who works as an insurance claims agent, says that her boyfriend, Ricky Boyce, is the man alleged by Sarsour and CAIR to be the white man who hurled racial insults at Warsame.

But both Morales and Boyce say that he uttered no racial pejoratives in Saturday’s incident, which they say began after Morales intervened while a woman of African heritage [Warsame] who lives in her apartment complex was yelling at and hitting her son with a shoe.

“I didn’t even have time to talk to any of them because they were over there jumping [Morales] at the time,” Boyce told TheDC, denying that he made racial remarks during the incident.

Oh – and Warsame was hardly the only person assaulted.

Morales says that Sarsour and CAIR have ignored another major piece of the story: Morales herself was transported to the emergency room by ambulance because of the injuries she sustained in Saturday’s melee.

“They’re not even mentioning that I was the victim. They came at me. The woman that’s in the hospital is part of the group that was aggressing me,” Morales said.

It looks like Sarsour is raising money for the wrong victim, but it’s doubtful she cares. In the world of Linda Sarsour, a Muslim can do no wrong. That’s probably why she downplays the risk of Islamic terrorism (in some cases claiming they were CIA plots), opposes any measures to counteract it, attacks those standing up for women’s rights in the Muslim world, and associates with terrorists like Rasmea Odeh.

“Sarsour” isn’t Arabic for “cockroach” for nothing.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. He is a co-author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left, and can be found on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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