GA Election BOMBSHELL: Ossoff campaign busted in huge lie

It seems it’s a given that the vast majority of politicians — and those that work with them — are folks that like to stretch the truth. Well, honestly, they flat out lie. A lot.

Even though most of us already know that, it’s still a bit of a shock when you catch one telling a whopper with little to no remorse, which is precisely what’s happened with Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff in Georgia.

Apparently his campaign told volunteers to lie and say Ossoff lived three blocks from his district, when, in reality, it’s three miles.

Breitbart reports:

It has been reported for several months that Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate seeking to win the special election in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District on Tuesday, does not live in the district.
Last month, an Ossoff campaign worker told volunteer canvassers that if asked about their candidate’s residence, they should say that “he lives three blocks from the district.”

(Beginning at the 55 second mark in this YouTube video, the Ossoff campaign worker says, “This falls into the category of if you don’t know, you can say I don’t know. But, yeah, I mean, he lives three blocks away from the district.”)

Brent Scher, an intrepid reporter for the Washington Free Beacon, put that Ossoff campaign claim to the test on Monday, and discovered that the actual distance from Ossoff’s residence to the Sixth Congressional District is three miles rather than three blocks.

Here’s his account of the discovery via Washington Free Beacon:

I set out to walk from Ossoff’s current residence in the northwest corner of Emory University to a section of the sixth district (outlined in green in the below screenshot) that juts down into the fifth district on Buford Highway. It would have been a shorter trip, by the way, to Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District, but that’s not where Ossoff is running.

I drew myself my own little map, knowing that my phone would be taxed by my attempt to put the entire quest on Facebook Live, and set out at 10:32 a.m. for the International Cafe, which I determined to be the closest landmark inside the sixth district.

I documented the early parts of my journey in the above video, but eventually the treacherous conditions of the long walk were too much for my Motorola Droid Turbo to handle. Shortly after my attempts to Facebook Live crashed and burned, my entire phone followed suit.

Wow. Just wow.

Ossoff is your stereotypical politician who wants to appear as if he’s a “man of the people,” when in reality, he’s nothing more than the same old kind of Democrat we’re all used to seeing in politics.

This sort of thing may not seem like a big deal, but if he’s willing to lie about something as insignificant as this, what else is he stretching the truth about?

Drain the swamp indeed…

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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