Terror AGAIN in Paris…

In what is becoming a disturbing trend, yet another attack has been carried out in Paris involving a car and police vehicles.

A man who was armed with weapons and explosives rammed his car into a police van Monday afternoon on the busy, tourist magnet of the Champs-Elysees Boulevard.

Bystanders and pedestrians watched the event unfold in horror.

TheBlaze is reporting, The alleged assailant chased down the leading vehicle of a police squadron in a small white car and, according to CNN, the car contained so many explosives that the car burst into flames shortly after the collision. The police also discovered a Kalashnikov rifle, handguns and gas canisters in the car, according to the BBC.

Police reportedly had to smash the car windows to pull the driver out and take him into custody. He later died at the scene.

French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb confirmed that the man was known to intelligence services and had been on a security watch list. The attack happened about 200 yards from Élysée Palace where French President Emmanuel Macron resides. Police said they are treating the incident as a terrorist attack.

No officers or civilians were injured in the attack. Forensic investigators are still investigating the scene, which is closed to the public.

As we’ve been told, terror attacks like this are just part and parcel of living in the big city, right? Or so said London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Fortunately no one but the attacker was killed this time. But with ISIS calling for more of the same — particularly in the wake of ,a href=”http://www.allenwest.com/michele/breaking-man-drives-van-london-crowd-shouts-6-chilling-words”>last night’s anti-Muslim attack in London — it’s sadly only a matter of time.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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