BREAKING: Man drives van into London crowd; shouts 6 CHILLING words

Once again London must deal with terror in its midst, but now the game is changing in a terrifying way.

Early this morning a 48-year-old (non-Muslim) man drove a van into a crowd of Ramadan worshippers who were helping an elderly man who had collapsed in the heat of the night. He jumped out of the van shouting “I’m going to kill all Muslims.”

At least 10 people were injured, and the elderly man died, although it’s not clear if it was due to injuries sustained from the van.

According to the Daily Mail, “the smirking suspect was hauled to the ground and pinned down by the congregation until the police arrived as he screamed, “kill me.”

After his arrest the terror suspect continued to goad the crowds that witnessed the attack by smiling, waving and even blowing kisses at them, with police today praising the ‘restraint’ shown in aftermath of the van attack.

Witnesses said he ‘deliberately’ drove onto the pavement outside north London’s Muslim Welfare House – yards from the Finsbury Park Mosque – and jumped out of the cab shouting ‘I’m going to kill all Muslims – I did my bit’.

But as he tried to run from the scene a group were filmed pinning the suspect to the floor before dragging him along the road as bodies lay strewn across the ground.

Prime Minister Theresa May said the attack had ‘once again targeted the ordinary and the innocent going about their daily lives – this time, British Muslims as they left a mosque, having broken their fast and prayed together at this sacred time of year’.

She added: ‘Today we come together, as we have done before, to condemn this act and to state once again that hatred and evil of this kind will never succeed.’

Mrs May said that the attack on Muslims was ‘every bit as insidious and destructive to our values and our way of life’ as the recent string of terror attacks apparently motivated by Islamist extremism, adding: ‘We will stop at nothing to defeat it.’

It’s a horrible, horrible turn of events. But it’s hard not to think a tinderbox in the UK is about to explode.

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, author of the brutally honest and bitingly funny Do I Need To Slap You?]

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